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high rated
Changelog for Update (added 12 September 2018):

* One Attachment per Slot - only one attachment may be equipped per slot (for a maximum of 8 at a time); attachments have been greatly increased in their effectiveness to make the decision of what to pick up vs what to ignore more impactful
* Enemy Mutators - enemies have a chance to spawn in with various special effects:
* Double Damage - orange aura
* Double Speed - yellow aura
* Double Attack Speed - purple aura
* Double Health - green aura
* Champion (double everything) - white aura
* Elemental exploding barrels!
* Minimap is now shown during combat, displaying enemies as red dots on the map

* Every single attachment's values have been pushed significantly to make them more impactful
* Fisherman's Arm projectiles move much faster
* Viewmaster 6000 homing effect has been increased
* Tiny Gun projectiles move much faster
* Bulwark's bombs more slightly slower
* Extradite ability now correctly passes through obstacles
* Reduced the number of rooms per level on lower levels (Lab and Factory)
* Enemies are introduced more gradually throughout the levels
* Bulwark's swipe attacks spawn projectiles slightly sooner
* Bulwark's health has been lowered to 5000
* Rollback ability cooldown has been reduced
* Spheros armor plates HP has been reduced
* Hivemind floor-blast attack charge times are slightly slower
* Hivemind health has been reduced to 12000
* Summoners now spawn in tougher enemies
* Bombfire secondary fire gravity has been reduced
* Sniper damage and projectile speed has been increased
* Shambler movement speed and damage has been increased, health has been slightly decreased
* Wasp movement speed and fire distance has been increase, Wasp projectile damage, speed, and fire rate has been increased
* Mage health has been decreased, damage has been increased, fireball projectiles have more randomness in their trajectory and move faster
* Fungus health reduced and movement speed increased
* The Twins health is now skewed more towards the sword Twin, rather than an even 50/50
* Scourge's missile fire rate has been decreased, and HP has been decreased to 6000
* Crawler movement speed increased
* Summoner moves and spawns enemies more frequently, health has been decreased
* Caps on damage per shot and fire rate have been increased to accomodate more extreme builds
* Attachments that add additional projectiles now reduce fire rate
* Explosions now deal less damage to targets not directly hit by the projectile
* Flame traps no longer damage NPCs
* Removed banner meshes from certain Class Abilities to reduce view obstruction
* Cost of attachments in the Meta Shop has been decreased
* Stronger enemies now have higher thresholds for elemental effects to trigger, i.e. it will take more fire damage for a Bomber to burst into flames than it would a Shambler.
* Class Ability cost has been reduced to 15 Hypercoins
* Tacticool attachment bullet trails are more visible
* Freeze Ability freeze time increased to 6 seconds
* Cold as Ice freeze time increased to 6 seconds
* High Speed Chase cooldown reduced to 13 seconds
* High Blood Pressure max damage boost increased to 35%
* Brace for Impact damage reduction decreased to 85%, duration increased to 4 seconds, reduced cooldown to 25 seconds
* Surveillance Camera duration increased to 60 seconds, cooldown increased to 70
* Take a Breather damage boost increased to 20%
* Bullet Proof Vest damage block reduced to 20%
* Donuts shield reduce rate increased to 2.5 per second, cooldown reduced to 50 seconds
* Take the Stand, Travel Restriction, and Tariff zone sizes increased
* You've Been Served distance increased to 13
* Appropriate Attire zone size increased, burn damage now lasts 7 seconds
* Hands Off damage block increased to 40%
* Personal Space zone size increased, reduced the damage boost to 5%
* BRB speed boost increased to 20%
* Nervous Breakdown cooldown increased to 20 seconds
* Adrenaline initial time reduces to 3 seconds, max speed boost increased to 20%

* Damage flytext now has an random offset so multiple simultaneous projectile impacts are legible
* Certain Class Ability projectiles were not correctly being destroyed on impact
* Warp point on The Jungle boss arena now functions correctly
* Certain secondary fire attachments with AOE damage were not scaling correctly
* Fixed a UI animation timing error on the cause of death screen
* Fungus animations now play correctly on all stages
Very nice update thanks for this game <3

Would we consider adding achievement on gog version ?