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Hello everyone
I was probably just as surprised as you are when I saw this game on the GOG frontpage earlier this morning.

While it's nice that this game is available on GOG now, I wouldn't get any high hopes for getting the remaining spinoff games.
The reason for that is what was named previously: Licenses & Co-Developers

Almost all of the Neptunia spinoff games were developed with another company besides Compile Heart.
It's been assumed that this is the reason on why we never saw any releases outside of Steam.

To quickly cover the spinoff titles:

2013: Producing Perfection
Developed together with Tamsoft, published by NISA in the west (last Neptunia title to be published by NISA)
Idea Factory/Compile Heart is on bad terms with NISA and this game hasn't seen any release outside of the Playstation Vita (& Playstation TV in Japan) making it very unlikely that we'll ever see it released again, at least in the west.

2014: Hyperdevotion Noire
Developed with Sting

2014: U: Action Unleashed
Developed with Tamsoft

2015: MegaTagmension Blanc
Developed with Tamsoft

2015: VS Sega Hard Girls
Developed with Felistella (same Devs as the Re;Birth series), features SEGA characters (SEGA Hard Girls)

2017: 4 Goddesses Online
Developed with Tamsoft

2018: Super Neptunia RPG
Developed with Artisan Studios

2019: Neptunia Shooter
Developed by Idea Factory International themselves

2020: Neptunia Virtual Stars
Features real life Virtual Youtubers

2021: Neptunia x SENRAN KAGURA: Ninja Wars
Developed with Tamsoft & Acquire

Action Unleashed was developed with a different developer (Tamsoft) as well, making it a bit of a surprise to be released on GOG.
If I'd have to guess this was addressed while they were working together on the most recent game, Ninja Wars.

Oddly enough we also got two more titles*, co-developed with different developers, as well as well as a bunch of other Idea Factory titles (Which don't surprise me as much due to being developed by themselves)

Yet MegaTagmension & 4 Goddesses Online, both co-developed with Tamsoft, were left out.
A possibly reason for this could be the multiplayer feature.
This still doesn't explain why Neptunia Shooter (developed by Idea Factory International themselves) isn't here though.

*Those two being Neptunia RPG & Virtual Stars
Note that Virtual Stars however lacks all it's DLC for unknown reasons.
One could say that it's due to the real life vTubers, but from what I know the base game includes a bunch as well and most of the DLC isn't related to that.
Did they maybe think that GOG players wouldn't be interested in the ~150.- DLC behemoth?
I hope for the GOG players that those will eventually be released later.

Does anyone know more about the recent releases?
What are your thoughts on this?

Personally, I won't be getting them on GOG as I already own the games on Steam/switched over to getting the Neptunia/Idea Factory games on there due to:
-All games being available there
-Lack of Updates [1]
-Lack of Content [2]

[1] The Re;Birth Series never got an update after being released on GOG until about Winter 2019
[2] Idea Factory's original answer about the new Neptunia Re;Birth DLC was that it wouldn't be released on GOG until they changed their mind in Winter 2019, which is also when the series finally got it's missing updates.

I'm not interested in paying for the games and their DLC again (won't mind getting them via GOG Connect/Gifts, please don't go out of your way to do this though) but this shouldn't stop you from obtaining the games here, as long as you're fine with the limitations.

Note that the Re;Birth series were first published on GOG by Retroism, once Idea Factory took over we got the updates, so the update situation might be better now.
I can't say if the Re;Birth games are up to date or if Idea Factory is going to do a good job on this, but it should be fair to point out that this happened before they took over.

That reminds me, I haven't contacted them about the Dengeki DLC which was included in the GOG Version of Re;Birth1 but has been removed since the update...
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