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i have some questions.
When i click on the game in my library, there is the game (GOG-9) with 0.9GB and 6 other downloads (patches and fixes, from GOG-2 to GOG-8 with between 100 MB up to 2.2 GB).
So my questions are:
since the game itself needs only 0.9 GB, while some of those patches need at least around the same amount of space, which of them are not included int he exe data of the game?
Which of those are needed to download to experience the whole game?
And why does the Texture Surprise Patch (GOG-4) need 2.2 GB of space on windows, but only 265 MB on linux?
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I believe the .9GB file you see (just called Hyperlight drifter GOG-9 as of the time of writing) is all you need. The GOG-9 kind of denotes that it is the latest right now. When you load it, the date of the build is in the bottom right of the screen, and you can see in options things loaded from the other patches (60fps options, etc.). The file also has the latest actual build number . Why the texture pack was by itself so large I have no idea.
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