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Are you going to release the OST on GOG ?

I can't buy it on Bandcamp. I have some issues with Paypal, but not with my banker... Paypal just don't like anymore my credit card.
I can't buy on Steam, because it's a DLC : I love HLD, but I don't want to buy it a second time...
I contacted one of the devs via e-mail a few days ago, and they told me they would like to release the soundtrack as DLC, here on GOG, as it would mean more visibility for them. They don't know when or how long it's going to take, though.

I meant to post this when I got the reply, but I totally forgot. Sorry! :|
Would probably buy that too. Really like the transitions and so on, but sort of.. left the game running in the background a few times just to listen to the tracks >_>
I'm hoping for this too.
It's on Steam, but I want to buy it here.