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Firstly, GNU/Linux version of HLD is 5/31/17 while Windows version 7/21/17 and as far as I know there was a lot of fixes according to Steam Forums page.

So my DS4 controller actually works and responds in the game, but there is one little issue: there something wrong with the button mappings. To pause the game I need to press L2 instead of Options, to interact I need to press Square instead of Triangle, etc. etc.

Is there something wrong on my side or the game actually doing something wrong?
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Same problem here. L2 on the DS4 is supposed to be aim, but is mapped to pause/menu. Haven't looked for a configuration file to edit, but maybe there is a way to configure this?

INFO: Device Plugged In [0]
INFO: Found a joystick without a game controller mapping, attempting to create one...
INFO: Name:[Sony Interactive Entertainment Wireless Controller] GUID:[030000004c050000cc09000011810000]
, Num Buttons[13], Axes[6], Hats[1], Balls[0]
INFO: Input created joystick device
INFO: Input detects expected haptic support.
INFO: Game Controller Setup: mapping[030000004c050000cc09000011810000,Sony Interactive Entertainment Wireless Controller,leftx:a0,lefty:a1,rightx:a2,righty:a3,lefttrigger:a4,righttrigger:a5,a:b0,b:b1,x:b2,y:b3,back:b4,gu ide:b5,start:b6,leftstick:b7,rightstick:b8,leftshoulder:b9,rightshoulder:b10,dpup:b11,dpdown:b12,dpleft:b13,dp right:b14]
Set JID to plugged in gamepad -- Sony Interactive Entertainment Wireless Controller
Sony Interactive Entertainment Wireless Controller
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I think what happens is that HLD creates profile for DS4 controller and messes up button mappings.

Still searching for solution.
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I've done my research.

The problem is at configuration file located in *yourgamefolder*/game/assets/gamecontrollerdb.txt. It just uses wrong mappings. To resolve issue, download gamecontrollerdb.txt at and replace the file. After that everything is working fine.