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I pre-ordered Hyper Light Drifter on GOG the second it became available and I don't regret it in the least, it's an amazing game, beautifully crafted, not too easy but rewardingly hard without becoming frustratingly impossible.

The thing is: I understand the game is best played using a controller and maybe it makes more sense dashing using one (I can only assume so), but it's incredibly counter-intuitive using keyboard+mouse... wouldn't it be easier to use something like they did in Bastion or Enter the Gungeon? This wouldn't be bad at all if only the same reticule we use for shooting the gun wasn't also the direction of the dash. You either make the Drifter shoot using the reticule and dash the direction he's facing, or the other way around. Dashing away from an enemy is incredibly hard using keyboard and mouse since even the sword slashes have to be directed using the reticule, and when you want/need to dash away you need to point the mouse all the other way around.

I'm guessing this is one of those things that's downright impossible to patch, right now, as it would probably imply messing with the game's hard code, or whatever it's called, but it would be highly welcomed for us who don't own controllers but still want to enjoy the game. I'm having a way harder time than what I should be having just because of this awkward control design decision.

Just some "minor" complaints, the game *is* super awesome and I've been having a great time with it.

[EDIT] I spoke too soon, apparently Heart Machine fixed the dashing on KB+M, I'm updating the game as we speak. According to the changelog, today's patch adds the option to choose to dash by using the keyboard.

Thanks, Heart Machine, for listening to your customers! You guys rock. Can't wait to play an already amazing game now that this issue has been addressed.
Post edited April 21, 2016 by groze
There's still a noticeable input lag on everything tho.
I guess I took Gungeon's crisp controls for granted.