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I tried moving my save games to another PC but the game wont recognize them. I copied everything from the AppData/HyperLightDrifter folder. I can have mixed .sav files in the folder and only the ones created on the new PC will show up.

I even tried uninstalling on the new PC and copy the entire game folder over from the first PC, but it will only recognize save games made on the new PC. This is the weirdest part to me. Moving the whole game folder over will load save files created from a different install on my new PC, but ignore the old save files I copy over with it... wth?
Ah I figured out a solution:

Opening the .sav file in a text editor looks like a lot of gibberish, but I noticed the first line or so seemed to be unique for each PC. So this seems to be the process for copying save games. No idea what I'm actually doing so I'm not giving any guarantees this wont suddenly break your game:

1: Start a new game on the new PC and curse while you wait for the intro movie to finish and the game to save for the first time.
2: Quit and go to C:\Users\(name)\AppData\Local\HyperLightDrifter and find the new save game.
3: Open both your old and new save game in notepad or similar. It's all in one line and looks like gibberish, but after the first 80 characters the two files start to look alike.
4: Replace the first 80 characters from your old save file with the first 80 from the new one. (In my files I noticed they looked the same beginning from [...]eyAibWFwT[...] )
5: Save your old save file next to the new one.
6: Stop cursing and play!
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Huge thanks for this. Bummer I can't use my usual symbolic-link-to-Onedrive routine, but oh well.
Just wanted to say thank you, man. You're a legend for this post