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What controllers does hyperlight drifter support? I have a 8bitdo controller and I am wondering if I can use it to play. I am debating on buying this for this sale so a quick response would be great!
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Hi there,

first of all, I can't really tell you if your gamepad is working.

But when taking a look at your gamepad, it doesn't offer enough keys. You need a minimum of 4 shoulder keys (throwing grenades, heal, shoot and aim). One analog stick would be fine. The dpad isn't used in the game, except the 'down'-key, you can sit down with it. So I think you have to remap your dpad to work as an analog stick.

Another point, the GoG version is not up to date.
The game only includes PS4, Xbox and Mouse+Keyboard controls. you can't remap the keys for gamepads ingame, only for keyboard.
There were several updates in July 2017 on Steam, most of this updates were addressing input/gamepad fixes.

For example the update from 2017/07/05 on Steam, quoted from the changelog.

"Hi everyone,

In response to reports of controller detection issues we implemented a complete overhaul of how the game handles input. This change is now live in the default branch for Windows."

Since the latest version on GoG is from 2017/05/31, this fixes are not included here.

What I want to say, with the latest patch there may is a higher chance that your gampad could be recognized by the game.

Don't know if GoG is planning to update this game. :-(

All in all, I don't think the creators of the game included other gamepads than Xbox and PS4.
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