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As it seems that this pack includes the windows versions with scummvm emulating the menus...

I think it would be nice if they also included the dos versions but running through dosbox (so that the scummvm menus don't kick in). The original dos versions have a pleasing old school AGI aesthetic to the narration boxes. While the music is old 8-bit pc speaker type stuff, and as are all sound effects. It would be a nice alternate bonus.
I second that. It was a little jarring to play the game in ScummVM after all my fond, old, DOS-based memories.
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I didn't actually mind the Scumm interface, playing through the trilogy this weekend, but I certainly do have a soft-spot for the original DOS games. It would be great to have them added.
I know this thread is LONG dead, but in the very very off chance the management sees this and give half a crud, I give this a very big second as well.
As someone who grew up with the DOS versions, the scummVM version kills my soul just a little bit. Alright, the updated music is kind of nice, but other than that - the menus, text boxes and really everything just... no. Just no.
Besides, I want to play this on actual hardware running DOS. Guess I'll just have to go with... other sources for my downloads.
I think you can still buy the DOS (and Windows) versions from
Would be amazing to have that option! Still, good to have any version I suppose.
I also dislike ScummVM and want the DOS versions.