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Hey Flippers!

In this topic, we'll be posting information about what do we included in updates and changelog.

Japanese Garden update - June 23, 2020
YouTube™-video: House Flipper: Japanese Garden Update!
Weergaven: 3,240
The Japanese Garden Update is not only bringing new content to Garden DLC, but also House Flipper and HGTV DLC! Check out what's waiting for you!

House Flipper

- new items: bookshelf, washing machine, retro monitor, new plants
- new items for kids: beds, shelves, bookshelves, lamps, toys, and accessories
- all pictures and paintings are now available in three size variants
- selected wooden wall panels are now available in different widths
- spiderwebs are now easier to spot
- some shelves have had their color variants adjusted to better match other furniture
- fixes in languages: Hungarian, Norwegian, Chinese Simplified
- the cathedral has been relocated from Bristol to Durham
- fixed Mountable Sink's lightning
- glass no longer emits cockroaches sound (that was weird)

Garden Flipper DLC

- new garden contest: Japanese gardens
- new mail order to introduce you to Japanese gardens
- new buyable items: Bonsai trees, bamboo torch, Pelargonium peltatum
- Christmas tree can now also be turned on when they're on the outside
- spring swing toys can now be interacted with
- turf rolls now work properly in houses with bunkers
Still broken...
None of this works for me. As a matter of fact, since this update/change, NONE of my HGTV or Garden Flipper DLC works. I can't even open it in the tablet/store to purchase. Also, I can't demolish many walls in most houses.