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I experience a problem with HPWIS where a lot of animations freeze my game for a second or two. Most of the time, after this little freeze, the animation would be partially or completely skipped. This behavior starts during the first tutorial battle against the mothership, when parts of the scene try to take the whole screen during the dialog. It continues throughout the game: during every step of the exploration I experience a one-two second jitter, and my whole screen freezes whenever I switch between overview tabs after warping. Sometimes, when I have to switch between the hub and the ship, my whole game freezes for a long time and Windows prompts me to kill the process or wait. If I wait it unfreezes after some time.

I'm on MSI Dominator Pro GT702PE, a laptop capable of running much more demanding games. The last couple of games I've played were The Forest and Endless Legend - both ran smoothly. So, I don't think there's something wrong with my hardware.

Anything I can do to make this game run smooth?

Thank you.
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The problem seemed to be in my laptop choosing to run the game with an integrated video card. If I do Run with graphics processor > High-performance nVidia from the context menu, most of my problems seem to go away.