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Changelog for patch 1.0.1 (added 23 February 2017):

- Added Chinese-simplified language support
- Added Linux platform support


- Fixed some issues with regards to objectives in a late-game galaxy
- Fixed some phase transition issues in some Boss Fights.
- Fixed text that was showing up incorrectly in Random Encounters and Skills.
- Fixed some issues with displaying the wrong sprite in some situations with random encounters and battles.
- Localization fixes for Japanese, Russian, and Polish

- The initial boosts for the Training Room and Crafting Workshop now first occur at Level 3 (rather than Level 2)

- Fixed an issue with the [spoiler]Primordial Starfall[/spoiler] not performing its intended effect while [spoiler]Aether[/spoiler] is active.

- Fixed an issue that sometimes caused characters to display strangely when skipping cutscenes to various junctures where a choice by the player is required.


- Tweaked the rates at which some Choice Encounters occur ○“Traffic Jam” should occur less often now.
- Generally increased the damage dealt by punishing choices
- Generally increased the rewards given from Choice Encounters
- Generally increased the rewards given from completing Explorations

- All Research Costs have been rebalanced across the board in order to make it generally less easy to obtain high tier Researches until later in the game.

- Reduced a certain boss’ difficulty by approximately 20%, particularly in terms ofhealth and skill damage.
- Improved the weapon health of a few bosses.
- Added an additional phase for the [spoiler]Necronomicon[/spoiler] boss.
- Increased Max Charge for the [spoiler]Necronomicon[/spoiler] boss so that it can now fire up to 2 weapons simultaneously from time to time
- Changed some completion rewards for yet another boss.
- Phase transitions for a certain other boss have been revised.

- All weapons' attack tweaked across the board, especially for Unique weapons that Hit All and apply debuffs/buffs. Typically, weapons that apply multiple debuffs/buffs should do more damage now.
- [spoiler]Robbing Hood's[/spoiler] Charge Cost has been increased by 1, which also increases damage by about 10%.
- [spoiler]Luna's Aegis[/spoiler] now heals for 100% of its attack rather than 50%.


- Hub Planet appearance will now change from galaxy to galaxy.
- Added a highlight on the corresponding shield button in order to make the tutorial easier to follow.
- Reduced the speed at which battle rewards appear and disappear from the screen, which should allow a little more time to read it.
- Removed $tarch Cost for Trauma
- Some overall graphic improvements for various skills and weapons.
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Changelog for Patch 1.1.0 (added 12 April 2017):

Version Highlights
- Players may now unlock the Space Cat as a Pilot! (How, you ask? That’s for you to find out…)
- There are now more Random Encounters added into the pool! Look out for them!
- Couch Potato (Casual) Mode Added! In this mode, you can now play endlessly in each Galaxy for as long as you’d like before proceeding to the next Galaxy! Achievements will not be unlocked in this mode, though!

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue causing Repair Crews and Guardian Angel to trigger even after all -
Encounters rather than only after Combat Encounters, as the Research’s text suggests.
- Fixed an issue causing UI during combat to act strangely at times.
- Fixed various text issues in all languages.