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I've been playing HK for at least 30 hours at this point, and am encountering a strange issue/bug.

I'm using a PS3 controller w/Scp toolkit - works fine with all other games, and most of HK - but when I access the map through the meni (i.e. not the button that makes the Hollow Chap animate pulling out the map) it scrolls all the way over to the right so that I can't see what I need.

Oddly, this only happens once I choose an area to zoom into. This doesn't coincide with any other instance of e.g. constantly moving right in game or the menu scrolling on its own. This has only just started happening in the last hour or so of play.

Thoughts? I'll try fixing the controller installation, see if that does it.
Hmm, that's odd. I, too, use a PS3 controller with SCP toolkit to play HK, but I've had no issues like what you're describing. :(

Since you said it doesn't happen at other points in the game, we can rule out the good old input issue that happens when you hold a button/thumbstick down while plugging in the controller, or a dirty contact.

Are you able to test with a different controller? If not, yeah, reinstalling the SCP driver sounds like something to test out.
But to be honest, it sounds more like a bug in the game - especially since you said it works fine with all other games.