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What happens is that the triggers don't work as intended. The left trigger act as the select button and the right one as the start button. I'm stuck right now because I need the dash that is located on the right trigger to go on, but pressing it just brings on the pause menu. Triggers works fine in other games so I'm pretty sure it is a problem with the game itself somehow.

I've searched online a little and it seems like it has happened to a few peoples already. I tried turning on the native controller option on to see if it changed anything but nope.

To say this is a bummer is cutting it short. Is there any clue on what causes this and how to fix this?

I'm using ubuntu 17.10 btw
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I was able to solve this by installing xboxdrv from the repository and running it with:

sudo xboxdrv --silent --detach-kernel-driver

Now the controller seems to work fine