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If you bought this game and tried running it in Linux, you may have noticed it works perfectly if launched straight from GOG's installation screen, but whenever you run hind.exe, the window closes immediately.

This is how you play GOG's Hind on a Linux machine (tested with Linux Mint 17):

1. Buy, download and install the game.
2. Open dosboxHIND.conf with a text editor.
3. Add to the bottom the following lines:

mount c /home/admin/Games/Hind
mount d /home/admin/Games/Hind/DATA -t cdrom

4. (replace "/home/admin/Games/Hind" with your Hind insallation path)
5. Download dosbox using your distro's package manager.
6. Run this command and create a shortcut for it:

dosbox -conf /home/admin/Games/Hind/dosboxHIND.conf

7. Enjoy!
Thanks! This works.

I occasionally experience some sound choppiness, but I think it's mostly related to the speech in the mission briefings ("speech" somehow makes the whole game slow and choppy).
More on this. As far as I can tell, this version of Hind is a DOS program. The only Win32 executable is the installer, which is a shame. After installing, I combined this game with the /dosbox and /support directories from another GOG purchase, F-117, and also wrote a file, and it runs *perfectly* on DOSBOX without any Wine support.

GOG should look into repackaging this as a DOSBOX-only (not Wine!) game for Linux... It's a shame this isn't listed as a Linux-enabled game, when it actually is...