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Hi, this is not really a question specific to this series but it is related to Visual Novels in general. At least those that branch into multiple endings based on player choices (sorry if this isn't the case for Higurashi games. I haven't played them yet).

I'm just wondering if anyone knows a simple and light flow charting application to help the map routes I've already taken in VNs. I don't need it to be full of features, I just need symbols for [start], [decision], [unmapped route] and [ending], plus the ability to write the choices that branch from each decision point.

Also, it would be really helpful have the lines connecting any two vertices follow when i move the vertices around. I once used one charting app that kept the lines hanging in mid-air, so I always had to follow up a move by reconnecting the line's end to the moved element. It was very annoying.

Edit: Damn I wanted to mark this as a question. Sorry, whoever answers it.
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First thing that comes to my mind is LibreOffice[1] Draw (I don't have any rep yet, so I can't post links, I put them down the text; press "+" in "rate this post", thank you). It has symbols for making flowcharts and sticky connection lines, that don't stay still, when you move symbols. The biggest drawback is lack of infinite canvas, you have to change size manually every time. LibreOffice is a free office suit.
There is also Software section[2] in the article about flowcharts, I found on Wikipedia, but there is not so much of programs listed. I also found lists of mind-mapping[3] and graph drawing[4] soft (Gephi[5] looks particularly impressive).
While searching for this stuff I came across articles about graphic organizers[6] and personal wikis[7].
I hope, this info gonna be helpful.