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sorry if the question sounds stupid, but I don't find a way to access the Sabre Squadron-missions from the main game ("hd2.exe"). If I remember correctly from playing the game years ago, they are accessible in the mission selection.

When I look at the GOG-desktop icon however, the path points to a exe: "h:\Hidden and Dangerous 2\HD2_Sabresquadron.exe", but this exe-file isn't anywhere in the folder...

Thank you for your help

EDIT: Ok, problem solved. It seems Avast! is the reason. When I try to start the game with Avast! running, there is a black screen for a fraction of a second, then the game just doesn't start. Strangely there appears no detection message from Avast!, it just doesn't start and automatically deletes the exe. I can remember having played the game years ago with a crack but never had such issues with it. Strange.
Post edited June 07, 2017 by Wolfram_von_Thal