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Thanks I just found out why my links weren't clickable and fixed them. Also updated the first post info to reflect latest version.
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A Hotfix RC5 to RC5a was uploaded, because unfortunately a critical bug was left in the code:

MMH5.5 Downloads
RC6 is now available for download

MMH5.5 RC6 Release Notes
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Thank you for making this!
Thanks dude, I am enjoying my HOMM3, but will get too this soon. Appreciate your work!

A lot of updates recently RC7 and RC7a had a short life we are now at RC8 with new in-game skillwheel:
Hello magnomagus, what languages are included?
Probably too late a reply, but moddb currently has translations for polish,russian & czech, RC8b translations are still usable until updated.

RC9 just got released

RC9 release notes

RC9 Downloads
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Does this mod address animations in hero attacks and that? I'm looking to either speed these up *a lot* or have them removed completely.
Loooong time H2 - 5 player here. Despite owning these on original CD's, I bought the series again in the sale for my new pc. With H5 I also downloaded and installed the 5.5 mod (RC9b). It seems to run ok so far, but naturally has a lot of differences. My concern is that it has hijacked ToE. I was expecting to be able to choose either the original ToE or 5.5; Instead, whether I click on the GoG ToE icon, or the 5.5 64bit Icon I get the same splash screen and game (5.5). Same if I try to launch the game direct from the ToE.exe in the Bin folder.

Perhaps I was spoiled by H3 and WoG which gave me a choice between standard H3 or H3WoG.

It's not a serious deal, just have to learn some new strategies.

However, I wondering if this is correct, and if there is a way to have both?

Thinks....perhaps if I reinstall ToE to a different location? Currently ALL my GoG games go to default C:\GoG Games folder. Perhaps If I created a "GoG ToE" folder in Gog games and reinstalled ToE there? Would I have a problem with saves etc?