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Hello. I Can't install any mod for HoMM3.

I have DL Complete eddition of HoMM3 on gog (4.0) but when I try to install in the same folder, the HD mod 5.0 beta 38
I have the following message:

"HoMM3 HD must be installed on Heroes of Magic and Magic III SoD or Complete. Selected folder does not contain required Heroes of Might and Magic III files, so installation of HoMM3 is impossible"

Same things for the Hota 1.5.1

I dont understand why because i've got the COMPLETE GOG EDDITION and i'm doing the installation on the right folder

I saw only one post on the forum about a simile topic , from TheSly03 , Posted December 06, 2017.

Any Help plz ? I want to play HD complete eddition...
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