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Hello I recently re-installed HOMM V on my new comp and I am getting some really awkward choppy graphical issues. The animation for the trees are trying to sway, but it's very choppy and jerky, as is the aura thingy that circles the hero.
Also there are strange lines that appear on the water? These lines appear in time with the choppy movement of the trees.

The rest of the animations (banners, creature movement, ect..) and the load times are very smooth. I played around with all the graphical setting in-game, lowered all the setting including the resolution. Same bug when I loaded up HoF as well

My rig should more than handle this game:
Geforce gtx 1070
intel i7-7700
16gb of ram

Any suggestions?

EDIT: Upon much more digging I found a solution of sorts: changing the msconfig to limit my memory usage down to 3gb. As I don't really want to restart my PC every time I play the game, if anyone knows why this happens or a better permanent fix I would greatly appreciate it.
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I think I have similar problem.

Independently what settings I use, this game stutters badly in one situation - when I zoom out the camera in "travel" mode and look at an angle when I can see almost the whole area. FPS drops to even ~20.

Rest of the game - batlles, castle management etc runs at 60 FPS. Even in travel mode, when I see the area "from the above".

My specs:
i5-2500K, GTX 970, 8 GB RAM.

Do you have this kind of stutter too?
try this file instead of 3gb:

Blurry Textures Fix
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If magnomagus' fix doesn't work, try the suggestions from this thread: