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Any advice on these guys? They're wrecking me. I have a lvl 13 Warlock (my only character right now, in fact) and I have the tier III town upgrades unlocked. I have all of the first tier upgrades from the magic shop, all of the blacksmith upgrades save for the tier III unlock crit upgrades, and all of the potion upgrades. I also took the Path of the Mage from the priest, and I'm working on unlocking the tier II priest so I can get further down the path. I also have all of the ability upgrades I can get to this point as well, which includes all of my action abilities. I do also have the thief unlocked, though I've not bought any of the drinks yet, and I do have the fountain as well. I typically use the buff that increases the number of potion chargers I have, putting me up to five total, though the Forsake Spire often robs me of my potions prior to the boss as the RNG for the Great Threats and the traps in that state can be whores. Any advice would be appreciated.
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I don't know if you still have a problem with this but here goes.

One big thing you have to ddo to beat the old ghosties is to learn how to avoid thier attacks. Now it isn't really reasonable to avoid all damage but you can't face-tank as the Warlock. Also you can attack the statues in the Arena to deal damage to the ghosts while they are immaterial.

I'd advise you to try the other classes. That way you can unlock some more passive bonuses via Class Titles. When you beat a boss for the first time with a new class that class grants every heroe a small permanent buff like The Paladin gives everyone a bit of armor.

Also the Warlock, at leaste in my experience, needs a lot of levels to real get going. So that's a bit of a challenge.

Have you tried messing around with the Fountain? A lot of the effects from it can be very helpful.
I'd recommen the larger floors buff as it give you more baddies to kill and loot to find. THen adding on the more chest and glass walker buffs once you can handle enough debuffs to pay for em.

In my oppinion the add more enemies "debuff" just make the game more fun so I'd try and see if you can handle having tuning them on. Also onother ez combo is the "potions make you confused" debuff and the "you are immune to confusiion"-drink, confusions is IMHO the deadliest status effect in the game so getting some free Fountain points while stacking immunity to it is just good sense.