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Acording to this:

we will be getting anew HoH DLC at some point in the future by the name of Moon Temple.

Some tidbits:
-This DLC is a bit smaller than the Prophecy and will not feature a new class, but it will have the usual additions of items, drinks, colors and some new pets.

-The biggest feature of this DLC except for the campaign is the added "Hardcore" mode and a new in-game currency.

-we aim to have this released before the end of the year.

-Being a bit smaller than the Prophecy it will be somewhere between that and the Witch Hunter in price, most likely 5 USD, there will ofc be some free features for everyone with the corresponding DLC release-patch.

TL;DR: Moon Temple will be a new DLC campaign with new items, "hardcore" mode but no new class.