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Changelog for Patch 89 (added 02 October 2018):

* Another fix for Battlements not always being beatable
* Fixed wrong title given on beating Thundersnow
* Only save fountain effects for server
* Added ability to unpack mods in mod packager
* Added extract base resources button to packager
* Packager now refreshes after packing or unpacking mods
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Changelog for Patch 90 (added 22 November 2018):

* Now displaying item count per rarity in items tooltip
* Fixed bug with constant wind on Battlements
* Fix potentially missing soul link chain in UI
* Several skills now work better with increased attack speed (like charge)
* UI performance improvements
* Shatter level 1 used the wrong sound
* Changed Ice Elementals to Aberrations
* Fixed some dungeon shop visual inconsistencies
* Fixed mismatched mods in multiplayer
* Added option to allow or disallow modded saves for un-modded hosts
* Crashfixes
* Added settings dialog to editor
* Fixed issue with placing lights in editor
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Changelog for Patch 93 (added 13 March 2019):

New Features included with the Pyramid of Prophecy DLC
* The Pyramid of Prophecy campaign is a completely new set of randomly generated levels unlike those experienced in the Forsaken Tower. New surprises and twists await you at every floor!
* Gladiator is a new melee-oriented class focused on the art of physical combat. With the aid of a Crippling Net and Pit Fighter allies, the Gladiator is a master disabler that employs hit-n-run tactics.
* City of Stone serves as the hub for all of the new content, including duplicates of the Fountain, Tapster, and General Store.
* Aridara Arena is the place where you fight waves of enemies for the crowds amusement. Climb the ranks and earn riches and a special Sword Token-currency that can be spent on further upgrades.
* The Retired Gladiator is a new NPC in the City of Stone who exchanges your character’s earned Sword Tokens for permanent upgrades.
* The Sculptor is a a new NPC in the City of Stone who builds Statues of legendary heroes. The Statues provide unique benefits to the whole party and can be upgraded to be more potent.
* Nimbus, The Potion Djinn remains a mystery. You’ll have to find out for yourself how to earn his aid!
* Several new DLC-only items, drinks and dyes have been added. Jump into the game and discover them for yourself!

New Features added to the Base Game
* The Town Hall now has a sixth tier, introducing new levels for the Chapel, General Store, Blacksmith, Magic Shop, Treasury, Ore Trader and Apothecary!
* Custom Voices have been added to the game. Players can choose among different voice packs at the barber, and at character creation.
* Five new items have been added to the base game: Lucky Charm, Lucky Horseshoe, Lucky Hat, Seal of Rage, and Apothecary's Flask.
* A new stat called Luck is introduced, which quite literally makes you luckier by tipping RNG calculations, such as Crit and Evasion, in or against your favor!
* Two new drinks have been added to the base game: Evil Infusion and The Outlook Special.
* Three new Fountain effects have been added: Sluggish Adversaries, Miner’s Strike, and Ace Chests.
* Added Baltzar the Beastmaster to the guild hall. Help him recover his Book of Monsters to unlock new upgrades!

Gameplay Adjustments and Balance
* Using the elevator in single player now pauses the game while you make a deposit.
* Gold and ore rewards when gaining guild hall titles have been increased.
* More accomplishments have been added to the game.
* Two more guild hall titles have been added to the game.
* You can now pick blessings freely on each chapel tier. Additionally, any blessing you unlock will be free to re-select when choosing to Convert.
* When a player is revived, they now become invulnerable for 3 seconds.
* Added “Sundering Strikes” monolith buff (50% armor/resistance piercing).
* Added “Fortuitous Events” monolith buff (+5 Luck).
* The Chambers now have more chest rooms.
* The Lock Up Fountain effect has been removed.
* The Armory Boss no longer drops loot when under the Empty Pockets Fountain effect.
* Some enemies have learned new attacks in NG+.
* The way enemies surround players has been adjusted to reduce clustering.
* Added a small chance of bosses dropping Ace keys.
* The Imp now gives out more ore in the early game Acts.
* Improved The Apothecarys upgrades.
* Added wind effects that slightly increase with each “Great Threat” to the Battlements.
* Lowered the amount of waves of trolls that jumps down when taking the fast way on Battlements Floor 1.
* Collapsing bridges in the Battlements should no longer be able to kill players and now have a chance to spawn a glass walk-bridge.

* Spheres of Power: This set now provides a 25% damage bonus when in Combo at 3, 5, 7, and 9 pieces.
* Cloak of Many Pockets: Increased gold gain from 25% to 50%.
* Markham's Stone: Increased ore gain from 1% to 2% per item in the player’s inventory.

* A Fool's Errand: This drink’s negative effect is now “Health Regen set to 0.”
* Frenetic Eruption: This drink now has a 5% chance of triggering Combo when scoring Crits. The negative effect is now “+20% damage taken while out of Combo.”
* Last Stand: This drink now provides +30% bonus damage & +30% damage reduction while standing still; but +10% damage taken while moving.
* Hammer Time: This drink’s negative effect is now: “Lose 5% of your current health while standing still.”
* Unbalanced Essence: This drink’s negative effect is now: “Lose 10% of your current mana when casting a skill.”
* Spilled Blood: This drink’s base Health reduction has been reduced from 25% to 20%.
* Stab in the Dark: This drink’s Darkness duration has been reduced from 2.5s to 1.5s.
* When looking at Crimson Death, it became clear that this drink was versatile to the point of feeling mandatory in any progression-oriented build. Moving forward, we’ve chosen to split the drink’s function into two separate drinks, so that they can serve the various builds that rely on Lifesteal without making the other half feel mandatory. While this is not a catch-all fix, it will give casters and primary attackers different identities and choices when considering Lifesteal drinks. If one feels they want to invest in the other, they can still do so; but that potent combination will now take two of the five drink slots.
* Crimson Death: This drink now only provides 5% lifesteal on Primary Attack damage.
* Evil Infusion: This drink provides 5% Skill lifesteal. The player loses 10% of their current Health when casting a Skill.

Visual, Audio, and UI Changes
* The character screen now has an “Effects” tab, covering everything that is affecting your player that isn’t an item, including Fountain Effects, Drink Effects, and Monolith Buffs.
* Some Towers now spawn into the game by rising from below the ground when a player approaches. Additionally, their collision is now removed when they’re destroyed.
* It is now possible to host lobbies without a maximum player level restriction.
* Scrolling the mousewheel on slider widgets now slowly increases or decreases the value of the slider. (For example, when choosing a maximum player level, one tick of the mousewheel scroll increments/decrements by 1.)
* Player names now display on their dead corpses.
* Teammates’ mana bars now display under their health bars in the game field.
* Players now receive a visual notification when an Imp spawns.
* Players now receive notifications of NG+ unlocks and progression when returning to town.
* When playing with a gamepad, the in-game mouse pointer now resets to center-screen whenever the player opens or closes any menu or window.

Bug Fixes
* The Thief Class Title modifier now displays correctly in character menu when viewing the Gold Gain % tooltip.
* Some negative modifiers now display in the Character sheet.
* Grappling Hook (Thief Skill): Corrected the speed of this skill.
* Controllers can now be plugged in and out while the game is running.
* Fixed a bug where Combo Nova would trigger twice upon activation.
* The Flame Shield buff icon should no longer accidentally duplicate.
* Fixed a bug in Multiplayer games where breakables wouldn’t netsync correctly, causing them to still appear (and then be unbreakable) for some players after being broken.
* Fixed a bug where players could receive old network messages from game sessions they've already left.
* Fixed a bug where if a player’s Health displayed as 0 due to rounding, they would die upon changing floors.
* Fixed a bug where one of the chambers prefabs would cause heavy frame drops.
* Fixed an issue where players leaving and quickly rejoining a multiplayer game would prevent their character from respawning into the game.
* Fixed an issue where the upgrade payscale wouldn’t apply to gold/ore spent statistics.
* Fixed a bug where some loot was missing.
* Fixed an issue where the amount of Skill Stars spent in the Skill Shop was incorrectly displayed.
* Fixed a lighting related rendering artifact.
* Fixed an issue where some xray colors on player projectiles (those which go under the sides of walls, etc.) wouldn’t display correctly.
* Fixed collision issues with the Vampire’s coffins.
* Fixed a bug in Multiplayer where miniboss health bars would remain after they died.
* Several small visual and audio fixes have been made, as well as cleanups for performance improvement.

Changelog for Patch 94 (added 15 March 2019):

* Fixed issue with double gamepads & joysticks.
* Added controller name tooltip to controls menu so controllers can be identified easier.
* Fixed being able to accidentally change graphics slider options by scrolling down the graphics menu.
* Fixed the game editor for Linux versions of the game.
* The Arena is now always played during daytime.
* The night time in the desert is now a bit brighter.
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Changelog for Patch 96 (added 14 May 2019):

* More variation and a lot of tweaks done to the Arena
* Added switches to the arena
* Fixed Warden's destructible corpse
* You can now destroy the Crustworm's corpse to avoid getting stuck behind it
* Fixed some mini map inconsistency
* Fixed an empty room bug in Upper Pyramid
* Fixed duplicate drink icon (Last Stand and The Last Sin had the same icon)
* Added new sounds
* The game can now handle much higher character levels
* New design for character color picking
* Fixed some crashes
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Changelog for Patch 97 (added 19 June 2019):

New Features
- Magic Furnace - New dungeon mechanic that lets you craft items during your run.
- Item Gambler - New dungeon mechanic that lets you stake items for a random new one.
- Companions - Acquire a companion that helps you collect gold and ore.
- New drinks - Caustic Touch, Markhams Moonshine, Primal Fury and The Hairy Magus.
- New statue - "Daran" the red priest, (requires Pyramid of Prophecy).

Gameplay Adjustments and Balance
- Reworked Watcher boss fight.
- Tweaked player NG+ scaling of Armor/Resistance.
- Increased boss health scaling in NG+.
- Retired Gladiator - Upgrades to Armor and Resistance only gives you +0.5 instead of +1.
- Path of the Magician - Changed from 20% to 25%.
- Path of the Warrior - Changed from 20% to 25%.
- Path of the Defender - Changed from 20% to 15%.
- Classes
- Paladin - Health per level lowered from 10 to 8. Armor per level lowered from 0.7 to 0.6.
- Charge - Increased width of the charge so its easier to hit enemies. Increased mana cost from 10/12/14/16/18/20 to 10/13/16/19/22/25.
- Powershot - Now fires 2 additional projectiles.
- Smoke Bomb - Now obscures vision for most ranged enemies. Increased mana cost from 30/35/40 to 30/40/50. Increased cooldown from 5s to 7s.
- Soul Dagger - Increased width and range of the attack. Lowered movement speed penalty while attacking.
- Soul Cleaver - Enemies killed while under the effect of Soul Consumption have a chance to apply Soul Consumption to nearby enemies. Increased range slightly.
- Holy Light - Increased healing.
- Items
- Medusa’s Charm - Enemies affected by the gaze now also have their armor reduced by 50%. Lowered the slow from 66% to 50%.
- Duke's Signet Ring - Increased healing from 3% to 7.5%.
- Greaves of the Barbarian - Now always triggers movement speed buff when killing an enemy.
- Mail of Thorns - Now also gives +2 Armor.
- Great Helm - Increased Armor from +5 to +7.
- Boots of Freedom - Changed to Epic.
- Greater Sphere of Regen - Changed to +50% Health Regen and +75% Mana Regen.
- Markham's Mastery - Moved first set bonus from 3 to 4 items.
- Kings Regalia - Set bonus changed from 33%/66% to 25%/50%.

Various Changes and Fixes
- Added more chest room variations.
- Added Monoliths used stat and accomplishment.
- Fixed an issue where you could get stuck outside the bridges in Upper Pyramid.
- Fixed pasting not being supported in chat (and all other text input widgets).
- Enemies can now be killed by poison.
- Ghosts now drain a percentage of your mana instead of a flat amount.
- You can now change the menu theme in options.
- Fixed music not starting when loading a save.
- Fixed a problem with fountain effects saving in town rather than in run.
- Fixed dungeon settings not using the host's highest NG+ level.
- Added an effect for Medusas Charm.
- Added effect and sound for gaining a potion charge with the Apothecary Set.
- New art for Apothecary's Sphere.
- Performance improvements.
- Crash fixes.
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Changelog for Patch 98 (added 24 June 2019):

- Fixed load screen freezing for some users running in fullscreen.
- Added missing blueprint for Defender's Halberd.
- Cape of Withdrawal can no longer be attuned. (Attuning it had no effect).
- Pendant of Penance was accidentally tagged as a PoP-only item. Now available in the base game.
- Fixed names and materials for Gladiator.
- Fix for the Witch Hunter DLC store page button in the main menu.
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Changelog for Patch 99 (06 August 2019):

- Fixed an invulnerability exploit
- Reworked luck to be a bit more consistent
- Made it easier to hit with the Thief's Grappling Hook and Warlock's Soul Dagger
- Fix for accidental character duplication that could happen after character creation
- Fixed menu lock when getting disconnected while typing in multiplayer chat
- Fixed walking pets being stuck indefinitely
- Gladiator class is now retroactively unlocked if gladiator rank is greater than 0
- You can no longer die in town
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Changelog for Patch 100 (20 December 2019):

Merry Christmas everyone!

As some of you may know, we decided to push the release of the Moon Temple DLC until next year, it was not possible for us to release it now sadly.
But instead we end this year with a big patch, taking care of more bugs, adjusting the balance, adding some more features, like the much wanted Fountain Preset-system.

New Features
- When gambling in the Tavern you now have a chance to win bonus prizes in the form of Drinks, Blueprints and Dyes. Raise the stakes to increase your chances of winning higher quality prizes.
- Three new Fountain effects: Expeditious Expedition, It's Your Lucky Day and It's Not Your Lucky Day.
- You can now save your favorite Fountain setups with the help of presets.
- New item "Golden Lamp" added for Pyramid of Prophecy owners.

Gameplay Adjustments and Balance
NG+ Progression Changes
- Available NG+ is now unlocked across all campaigns. Including Arena.
- The highest completed NG+ across all campaigns and heroes is now tracked by the Town.
- Completing a campaign at a NG+ level that is lower or equal to your highest available NG+ level will count as the hero completing the campaign at that level and you will receive the corresponding rewards and effects.
- In practice, this means your heroes can skip NG+ levels up to your highest completed across all characters and campaigns.
- In multiplayer, when completing a campaign above your highest tracked NG+, it counts as you completed that campaign at your highest tracked NG+.

- Blood Rite bonuses are now scaled up based on the current NG+ you are playing.
- Retired Gladiator now tracks what upgrades you have bought on each hero, and respeccing upgrades is now free in gold up until the maximum-ever upgraded value.
- Tweaked Magic Furnace costs. Available items to craft are now also limited by act.
- Added an option for selling 100 ore at the Ore Trader.
- Character list now displays if a hero is currently in a dungeon or not.
- Improved the "mismatched mods" dialog.
- Archives act is now a bit smaller and with fewer enemies.
- Removed teleports in Archives that doesn't lead you to a hidden room.
- Removed wind between Great Threats in the Battlements act.
- Reworked Great Threat in the Chambers act. You no longer face the Vampire when picking up crosses, he now appears instead of bats as the Great Threat.
- The Thief is now more likely to spawn in Prison after reaching the Archives act.
- The secret room with the duke is now more likely to spawn in Armory after reaching the Chambers act.
- Nimbus now adds +25 HP and Mana per level to your potion.

- Paladin - Charge: The Paladin will now only go through enemies if the damage instance kills them. Charge now also stuns enemies for 0.5 seconds in a small area on impact.
- Paladin - Shield: Block arc reduced from 90/120/150/180/210 degrees to 80/100/120/140/160 degrees.
- Wizard - Flame Shield: Cooldown reduced from 8/7/6/5 seconds to 7.5/6/4.5/3 seconds.
- Gladiator - Trident: Movement speed penalty during usage was lowered slightly.
- Priest - Smite: Smite no longer blocks the use of other skills when attacking.
- Witch Hunter - Repeater Crossbow: Lowered the spread slightly.

Items and Drinks
- Added two new item sets: "Rings of Recovery" and "The Shining Knight", consisting of pre-existing items.
- Markham's set now gives +0.25 Armor/Resistance per item at step 3 & 4.
- Reworked Wrath of the Thundergod: Now shoots 5 lightning bolts at nearby enemies when hit, dealing 10 Magical damage each.
- Reworked Blood Dagger: Changed to 10% chance to regain 2.5% of your current Health on primary attack.
- Ring of Arcane Powers: Now also has a 10% chance to restore all your mana when casting a Skill with a 2 second cooldown.
- Mask of Bewilderment: Now also increases your damage dealt to confused enemies by 25%.
- Spiked Boots: Increased damage from 25 to 50.
- Cranky Clergyman: Changed the positive effect so it gives +25% Resistance instead of a flat +25 to Resistance.

Various Changes and Fixes
- Added colored health bars to the Three Councillors.
- Added missing stat for killing Thundersnow.
- Fixed some Drink cost inconsistencies.
- Fix for companions always facing right when idling.
- Fixed floating texts not showing the correct amount healed by Remedy.
- Fixed multiple healing floating texts when drinking potion.
- Some character screen tooltip fixes.
- Fixed Nimbus’ X-ray color.
- Monstrous Eyes (Archives mini-boss) shouldn't get stuck as easily in the Archives.
- Various fixes and tweaks to different enemy skills.
- Fixed a crash caused by the Defender’s Halberd.
- Crash fixes.
- Performance improvements.

Standalone installer, and those of its DLC, updated: 99 ⇒ 100.
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Changelog for Patch 101 (23 December 2019):

- Fixed an issue where saves got tagged as being modded when joining multiplayer lobbies where the host had enabled cheating

Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated (100 ⇒ 101): 24 December 2019.
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Patch notes for 102

Added two new drinks: The Smirking Shopkeep and Snake Blood.
Added cats and dogs as new companions.
You can now travel between the different hub areas with a travel service.

Various Changes and Fixes

A lot of tweaks to enemy NG+ skills.
Flaming Hounds: The projectile now loses more of its forward momentum when colliding.
Branding Ward: Increased trigger and explosion radius slightly. It should now trigger more easily on bosses.
Gladiators Net: Lowered proc chance from 20% to 10%.
Archives floors are now a bit bigger, but doesn't get as affected by larger size modifiers.
Removed Magic Furnaces from mines.
Fix for multiple Vampire Lord bestiary entries.
Fix for Vampire Lord not spawning if you hadn't picked up any crosses.
Fixed Fancy Plume allowing item duplication in dungeon stores when reloading.
Dungeon and Arena settings UI now has a slider, when hovering over the NG value, for changing the level.
Fix for dungeon settings UI always being available once you complete either campaign.
Speedrun UI now supports all dungeons rather than just Forsaken Tower.
Crash fixes.
Performance improvements.

Patch notes for version 103

Added missing blueprints for new Moon Temple items.
Fixed issues where you could stuck in great threat rooms in both act 1 and 2 in Moon Temple.
Fixed an issue where you could stuck behind the door at the last boss in Moon Temple.
Fixed some flickering tilesets in Moon Temple.
Fixed imp spawning with an offset that could place him in a wall in Moon Temple.
Fixed First Aid not healing the correct amount.
Corrected mercenary remedy tooltip.
Added some missing language strings.
Fixed XRay rendering on projectiles.
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