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I've defeated the Stone Guardian and found the Combo Sphere. Both actions are required to unlock achievements.

However, nothing happened. I didn't unlock anything. I haven't used mods.

I have unlocked achievements through GOG Galaxy in other games and never had any problems.

Has this ever happened to anyone here? Does anyone know about possible solutions?

By the way, I don't have any DLC, I only bought the base game.
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Well, I uninstalled the game and downloaded it again. The achievements got unlocked as soon as I entered the game after the fresh installation.

I have no idea what happened.
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It sounds like I'm joking, but it happened again.

I fulfilled the requirements for another achievement:

"Unexpected Gifts: Receive a reward from the Imp."

And, again, no achievement notification, no changes in my profile, nothing...

Is this kind of issue common in this game?