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I've just get back to it, so one more question.
Can you guy recommend a RPG with similar mechanic, like:
- small to medium map, may be random so game can be short, about 2 hours,
- you play as a sole hero, do quests, loot, level up and destroy your enemy,
- next time you play completely new hero, new enemy, new quest, I mean the previous game does not related to new game
This is something sorta Dota solo may be, or like play 1 big level of normal ARRPG but leveling much faster. I tried Spellforce but there í still to much RTS, and the heroes are kind of persist. Dota and other MOBA lack some features, though I dont mind trying one if they have a mode suit my taste.

And any of you know of worthy mod (not Sols)?

Definitely old but definitely good: