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When is the Linux version expected to be available?
pavelya: When is the Linux version expected to be available?
Good question. I bought the Hero of the Kingdom series in the Christmas sale and I am still waiting for the Linux installers to be ready for download.
i wait,toobut i don't have any hope. How mans says: the hope die at last;)
You should probably send a message to the developer or GOG support (if you can manage to get through that chatbot)
I have used the chatbot:(
i hope it gives a solution

Gog has to make sure that promises not kept by manufacturers do not have a negative impact.

To abuse Gog as a secondary use seems to be fashionable right now. The game has been available on Steam for Linux since 2012.

Fortunately, there are few developers who read here in the forum and solve problems promptly. But are becoming less and less, unfortunately.

Some developers really think that just because it's Gog, they can just dump here to get a few cents out.

Translated with (free version)
I bought the game because on the store page it said Linux.
What do I ask the chatbot to open the report option?

Translated with (free version)
The linux builds are up and working properly (quick tests, under up-to-date arch linux installation). These builds were timestamped on 2022-12-29... on the back burner for ~5 months?
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