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So i wanted to ask you guys about 2 things. First is how should i play this game (how to build my character) and second which difficulty level to play. I've already started the game several times and killed some creatures. From what i could experience from the start is that its hard to hit my opponents and its hard to not get hit. I've already watched a video where someone choose an easy difficulty and went with magic of fire. At the same time i've read that some players couldn't finish this game because game crashed if they killed the final boss with wind magic.
All in all im getting the vibe of Lionheart where after playing like half of the game with melee character i was forced to go with a bow because game became unbearable to play melee at that point. In other words im asking what weapons to choose, what magic what invest my points into and how to play to be able to finish. Also i hate to play on easy but considering i've seen someone playing through this game on easy and bugs and the fact that its hard to hit your opponents im not sure how to play...
Thanks in advance for any help.