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Just wondering why this game is so requiring for it's graphics.

I have an old PC I've borrowed for a while and wanting to play some older games on it.

Will it run with these specs?

Intel Celeron 2.66Ghz ( 1 core )
512MB DDR Ram
8MB Onboard video ram ( Boosted from 1MB )

I know they are low compared to what the store page says you need, but the requirements just seem extremely high for what it looks like ( especially the graphics card requirement ).
Running Windows XP Professional, by the way incase it makes any difference.
Eh... 8 MB of video ram (and onboard at that) is pretty low, even for a game that came out in 2004.

It's entirely possible that the system requirements stated on GOG's gamecard are overstated (I have seen that happen with a couple other games) but in this case I don't think that's here nor there. I could plausibly see what you have being insufficient for this game.

EDIT: After doing a bit of research it does seem the video memory requirements are overstated; GOG says 256 MB of video ram, while the original system requirements seem to say 32 MB of vram. However, I'm sure you can see that 8 MB of onboard/shared video memory is a far cry from 32 MB of dedicated video memory.
If it's any consolation, your CPU and regular ram look to be plenty; it's just the video situation that looks like it'll be a problem.
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