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THIS TOPIC IS ABOUT KULT - HERETIC KINGDOMS - THE INQUISITION (that's one game's title, before anyone asks)

I played until what the walkthrough (which is not perfect) calles Chapter 4, on Normal, and I think I got the gist of it.
Unfortunately the game is very small, like playing Diablo 2 Act 1, only the Caves.
Things still can get complicated.
The STORY/LORE posts will be marked as such. Change in this field was neede becauseofthe hugh infodump what you get when reaching the capital.

Creating your character:
I'd set a colour you could actualy see, so you don't get lost. Aside that it doesn't matter.
I also feel the choice of the two perks (attunement) are prettymuch irrelevant. You get them, but you don't start them active, and a bit further you'll get 6? It feels to be a bug.
By my experience the build will be a heavy armor wearing, air element, fast weapon user. Start with E+ in Speed, and D in Melee. You can safely neglect Magic and Ranged for the rest of the game (those two provide ranged attack, but you'll only need that in one area, at the start, and will need strong attack against rushing mobs, and the game lacks AoE). Oh, ye, I'll use shields.

M is the minimap, left ALT highligts items on the ground. I'm not sure what's the factor for items disappearing, but they occasionaly do.
Attack is rightclick. You can not fix your cursor to the enemy.
To use a container (nags, and whatnot) rightclick on them while they are in your inventory. You can not put a container in another. I find it most effective to leave 6 empty placein my inventory, filling the rest with containers.
Oh, healing items only work from the backpack, NOT from acontainer, so they take 1 place too in the backpack. You only need 1 healing item of the best kind.
The game does not allow ALT+Tab, what is bad news because all the items and perks.

So, let's start the game:
Immediately change to bow, because you won't be able to sleep until you leave the Monastery. Also put the healing item to a comfortable hotkey: pick it up with a click, then release the button. Pull theitem to a quick-slot, and click again. If you keep pressing the mouse-button, the item will be dropped on the floor.
Enter, and RUN TO THE UPPER RIGHT CHEST. Pick up the ring, and wear it. Now start shooting the enemy on the screen - he is very slow, so back away as needed.
There's another chest here. and a barrel. Exit, and talk with Valkerin. Ask for Air element (though it barely matters). Wear the focus-weapon you just got. Re-enter, staying in the normal world, go down.
In the circle of the stone of the inner chamber switch to Dream World, and talk with the Overseer. Switch back to normal, go up, switch to Dreamworld, and dispose the two spectre here, then the protection of the chest. Switch to real world, pick up the amulet, go down to the Overseer. The Overseer will give you 5 perks, 4 active slot, and you can fill up your active slots too like you had slept. (Maybe he heals you? I'll tell what to do with your HP in a moment.) Choose Defensive Aura 1 as you still lack any armor, Serendipity to find items (you'll sell everything), Dreamform (because half the monsters are in Dreamworld - double damage -, it is bloody annoying to not be in Dreamworld infinite, and the progress demands it either way, you'll get permanently stuck if you don't get this I think). The 4th slot is your pick.

Now, when you have HP, time to hunt ghosts. There is 1 more where the locked chest was, 1 in the outskirts, and 2 in the inner chambers yousurely noticed, but avoided until now. Defeat them if you can before you leave the area.
Report back to your master, and go to the next area.
Around this time you get a levelup, what is good, will let you

Some note on attunements ("perks"):
- I have no idea what Attunements-points are. They are given by Essences, which you gain by slaying Dreamworld stuff.
- you can only have 1 of Grade X perks, so use the best you have. This also makes you worry less about gold on the Warlord perk-tree (I think. Didn't met with it yet).
- watch out for the requirements when you try to unlock/use perks.

Note on shield/no shield: Shield provide a passive ability while equipped. They also give you 10% bonus exp (by a perk, if you use it). No-skill perks take perk-slots. Go figure.

Note on no armor: ok, you are faster, but I got hit insanely even on Normal. Maybe ranged people might derive to this, but even then light armor sound more useful. Another problem is, Mark II of the skill comes late (in Chapter 4), and Mrk III is even further.

Note on water: itis about stunning and slowing the enemy. Problem is, its strongest perks don't work on everyone.

Note on Fire: this element seems to lack focus. Can boost your criticals, give DoT, and do all kindsof things. Extra: it works especialy bad with Heavy Armor asfire halves, whileHAsimply negates critical hits landing on you.

Note on Earth: it uses poison as DoT, and has the most AoE (though those situations are not many due to the game's nature). I think it can be a very effective ranged build.

Note on Air: as most times like theotherelements does the same, but these type of items come early, andit provides seemingly useful buffs, instead of a flashlight, or altering the frequency of the enemies. Namely it can make you walk faster, and disables traps (beats me what are those, but better not figure it out, eh?).

Note on elements: remember, that once you have the perks you wish for, you can change the elements of weapons, so you still have the full selection of items. As enemies in passed areas do respawn, the minor fee can be payed.
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At the start of the timeline Alkor, the hero destroyed the God of The Land, him dying in the process too. The legend also says, until this pointthe sword later known as Godslayer was just a common sword. Later people theorized, GotL's power infused into the world, and the proof is The Macula, the wound of the Scarreds.And maybe the woundisthe connection to them to the power, what they use/what we know as magic.
Also, after the battle, the city of Arken was founded by Alkor's family at his birthplace.

A century later Garul I., a northern tribal chieftain aquired the Godslayer by fighting Alkor-spawns. He used Surans as his army, people whose country is west from Garul's place, and north from Corwenth (so practicaly NW ofC.). The country's main source of income was, and is giving mercenaries to other countries. The Sura is actualy 4 races,and 4 castes (not sure if it isa class equals race system). Garul declared himself God-Emperor, and banned all worship of the Dead God to place himslef as the focus of worship. Named his land of birth Garulia. Experimented on people and the Godslayer, to realise, only the bloodline of Alkor can wear (touch?) the sword without perishing, so he locked the thing away and ruled by military force. By this we mean he first proved to bearuthless ruler, then dtermined he can not use the sword, so put it in the Reliquary along the captured Alkor-spawns, likely in hope of abusing the sword's power once.

700 (300 years before (this I might have mixed some data)) years after the GotL was vanquished, the country of Corwenth rebelled in the First Rebellion, against the Garulian Empire - Koreth IV being the current God-Empress - and their Sura mercenary-allies. They managed to hold their ground thanks to the city of Kyallisar, only the warlord of it took a bribe and opened the gates - which the garulian leaderess payed with execution, as she didn't tolerate traitors The survivors redrawn to Arkor, and the siege began. The garulians burnt all potential food, and dammed the river thristing the city..
That was 240 years ago, when Taryn Arkor shown up, and in return of access to the Reliquary (where he knew the Godslayer was) promised victory.
Lacking options they led him to the Reliquary (this event was later known as the Reloquary Crusade), where all the powerful artifacts were collected by the God Emperors/resses. There Arkor, being a descendant of the original hero, turned against his allies.
Only 1 accompanied him there survived: Lady Mara Valkarin, later first High Mage of the Order of theVeil (the point you get this info the use of "i" and "y" in names becomes dubious), who later birthed Valkarin - High Inquisitor of the Order of the Veil in the game's present, the mentor of the game's protagonist -, and also founded the Order of the Veil, dividing her power and authority into 5 branches of it. Her prime goal was to take down Taryn, and (though this sounds more of part of her legend) to end all religion.

Taryn Arkor used the Godslayer to with its power become an absolute ruler after vanquishing Korth IV: the Theocrat, demanding worship of himself, turning to be a more cruel ruler than the God Emperors/resses.. He also started genocide against the garulian people, as they plundered the ancestral city of his people, the City of Arken. Thecity was not rebuilt.
The problem with the sword is, it gains its power from the blood of the descendants of Alkor. To sustain it (and his lifespan with it), Alkor sacrificed the females to the Sword (you actualy only have to coat the blade with blood), and from the males he assembled the Order of the Monks of the Sword, who were trusted with the task to guard the Amulet of the Theocrat. This is also the place where the game starts at, a thief eliminating each and every monk.
Taryn also banned all religion in general (and set up the Inquisition to make it so?). The monks task was also to create more progenies with the concubines of Taryn, to provide the necessary blood: the female spawns got sacrifised when reaching puberty.
His rulership lasted ca. 300 years long.

Ca. 100 years before the start of the game Talion, a Monk of the Sword got paired with Niri Cantrecht, a concubine of the Theocrat to make a spawn of Arkor. They fell in love, thus tried to escape after the birth of Carissa, the High Percepotor in the Order of the Veil's Penta Negra, what basicaly means top recuiter of atheist mages. Niri perished during the escape to buy time for the other two.

Taryn looked up "The Scarred Outcast" Quova, previous High Sage of the Order of the Veil's Penta Nera. The High Sage's supposed duty to collect all knowledge, but use none of it. Quova though abused thiQuora wasoris knowledge, thus Baron Tar Evanger, High Executioner of the Order of the Veil hunts him as his duty to vanquish him. Valkarin hates Quore for another reason, whatever that is.
Quora was trained in the Order of the Veil by Sice Larwan, who was the Civil Necromancer of West Corwenth, until 200 years before the game's present necromancy got out lawed. During his time he also worked for the Theocrat, overseeing mining zombies in the mountains.
The biggest sin of Quora though was to be the founder of the Cult of the Eternal God, which aim was(/is) to restore the God of the Land.

But growing up, at age 20, Carissa - practicaly the last spawn of Arkor aside the protagonist after the rob of the Monastery in the game's present - fell in love with Sollan, already member, and later (and still in the game's present) High Magus of theOrder of the Veil's Penta Negra, and Carissa betrayed the Cult to Sollan (despite atthat time they already drifting appart), who passed the info to the Penta Negra, upon Evanger came and massacred to Cult - only Talion and Quora escaped of it.

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Next job is to cleans the village from the Taymurin invaders. Taymurians are practicly werewolves in permanent werewolf-form. They are from Taymuria, their own country, East of Corwenth. They are here because the death of the Theocrat "disrupted their way of life" (whatever that means), and now refugees cross the Sundered Shield (border-mountains, on which stands the fortress-city of Kyallisar of Corwenth, which's famous in is the Thirst For Revenge) to raid Corwenth. How lucky we use shields, and their shields soon will give us the Beastslayer perk, which means extra damage against them.
To get healed, use the fire-heap where you start this map on. Click on it,and rest.
There are 3 person to talk to, either will suffice. My favourite is the little girl.
After cleansing the place, enter Dreamworld, and pick up the hex-points. I found one buggy (this time again), as it gives multiple amount of skillpoints (*3 this time, *2 before).
Things you want here is leather pouches, though they might not fall if you have the find better items perk? Also, V. might "return", but he is a bug actualy, sdo do NOT interact with him again to avoid potential problems.
To start the area I suggest walk south on the western edge, so you'll easily find the axe lyingaround. It is air element, its perk gives air damage. There's also a ring which canprovide the levitate perk (disabling traps). Yualso might find a cloak (fire element, gives flashlight). Also, you can gain your first (light) armor.

After finishing the village, go to the new location. Be very cautious - if you get close to a hobbit-hole, you'll automaticaly walk closer, and that might draw unwanted attention. The goal is to eliminate all opposition in the area. When that's done, click on a hobbit-hole, and you'll be done with the current quest. BEWARE, this cleanses the village from all items lying on the ground. They don't worth the fuss to bring all them here though if you ask me. It'll also cut you from free sleeping - from then on until you manage to collect 1,000 gold, you'll have to pay for it, and as you can only eliminate 2-3 enemies at a time for now...
You actualy want 2 kinds of enemies in this are from the four possible. Boars are the bestas they can drop boar-meat,which worth 50 gold perc amount, and that's good at this point. The other is the giant insect, which can drop a fire focus, just in case - they usualy come in earth type, but as I said we don't realy need the element, and turns out only the element cast is enough to unlock new peeks (this might be another bug).
When done here, you can go to the village and sell your stuff. Yes,finaly we'll get a vendor. As items seems to not disappear (can't guarantee essences though), take some tours to collect previous items.

Take note, that both the village, and where the villagers were maps got re-drawn, meaning all the hex-points respawned giving you even more skillpoints. Take note, that I'd invest a bit into Speed for now, because the next area is where you'llhave to use ranged attacks because of stunlock-enemies (tree-stomps). I have D in it at this point.
Otherwise while there is a nicestflow choosing which NPCs to speak in what order, the important thing is to talk to everyone, and you will get all the quests.
There is one quest with an alternative solution: you either pay 200$ to the miller (which you shouldn't), or mention him the jobless zombie. There's no consequence to the choice aside that money canbe better spent, namely buy that house for 1,000$ asap to sleep for free.
For the "get pig meat" quest you could just hunt down the piggy ofthe village, but while I see no actual drawback of this aside unconsequential dialogue-changes, it's a jerk move.
NOTE: you don't actualy have to work any jewelry, and even the cloak is purely estatic, so if you need money, or extra backpack space, sell them. Yes, you can even sell the Amulet of the Theocrat for 250$.
NOTE on the shields: their differences are purely estatic within their size. So don't bother too much looking at them.

Before you advance in the game, after re-visiting the place where the villagers were hostage for hex-points, again just re-visit the Monastery. A couple of new items got unlocked there (on enemies). Namely a better light armor, helmet, heavy armor shoulderpads (don't ask why no actualy heavy armor). The shoulderpads cangive you the +10% exp when carrying a shield perk.

Found a bug: this time one of the books in the chest in your first house got its name bugged, inheriting the name of another, already aquired book. I kept saves from my earlier (normal diff) game (which by time I found way too easy), so could compare that yes, this is a bug.

An entirelyvalid, but pretty boring strategyis to get a ranged weapon, and switch beteen the two realms to shoot your stuff while avoiding enemy damage. This especialy works well with focus weapons with timed charge-perks.

After the Valley of Tears aside advancing to the next area you canre-visit the Monastery (yet again). To do so, buy the rope ladder from the village's smith - the walkthrough GOG provied is entirely falseabout its location, it is NOT in a chest (though who knows what wasin ver 1.0, probably). The Chasm-area is not a big deal, so I say do it now.

The Lost Canyon is hard even on Normal, challenging on Nightmare. Even Normal weaponry is tooslow (assuming your prime stat is not exclusively speed) Bigger problem is, if you return the rewpaning new units are way too powerful, meaning each of their hitis substantial,aka. can1HKO yu in the available light armor setup. This hints you'll need heavy armor.
Another already existing problem is enemy speed and numbers, especialy if they wander aroundas much as in the Lost Canyon, so the element Air is verymuch needed for the incrised walk/run speed (essential with ranged attacks, very useful with melee).

Btw, Loast Canyon and War Camp are actualy a double-area, meaning you can get to the world map only from one exit, the other exclusively leading to the other place.
Both of these maps have campfires.

Note: Forest of Tears doesno respawn enemies at later visits (can be a bug).

The Iskai Caves shows you probably can't rely solely on ranged attacks, as the corridors are thin. But with the difficulty incrised, playing on nightmare you probably already set ranged and melee attack hotkeys along the healing button.

NOTE: you probably noticed 4 separate slots next to the hotkey toolbar. Those show if you have timed spells on your focus weapon. They have no other uses.

Crap. After the War Camp there is a massive difficulty peak, making melee impossible (on nightmare difficulty). Theshura slaver cave has anenemy hitting 500+ dmg per hit, and the watersource quest starts with a massive group ganging on you, and those occasions the monsters just becomea multiattack lotsofHP hydra in all respect.
I think I'll check how the magic build would work.

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Item accessibility:

NOTE: gems seem to have no purpose aside being sold. They also seem to be only at set locations.

Monastery (at start):
- acolyte X rod (X depends on chosen affiliation)
- wooden buckler
- hammer
- the rise and fall of the Garulian Empire volume 1
- short bow
- broadsword
- dagger
- halberd (keep this until you get the first vendor, worth top money at that point)
- herb pond
- amulet of the theocrat
- jasper (gem)

- leather jerkin (collect these, they worth most after halberd until you reach the first vendor)
- taymurian shield
- woodcutter's axe
- leather pouch

Forest Edge:
- brightnoon berries (quest item)
- hexapod mandible (earth focus, naturaly set to be fire element)

- great club (shop)
- soft leather boots (shop)
- corwenth helm (shop)
- corwenth breastplate (shop)
- corwenth left/right pauldron (shop)
- copper ring (shop)
- rope leather (shop, quest item)
- composite bow (shop)

Note on Elements:
- air 1st timed does a straight projectile shot.
- water 1st timed does 4 diagonal shot, won't hit what's directly front of you (unless in melee distance)
- earth shows no effect, but seems to cause damage on everything being in mid-distance. Also does a 2nd hit of 0 damage, but with a chance to stun the enemies.
- fire 1st does a straight projectile shot, has a DoT effect on it too.
- fire 2nd makes a fan-shape shot of 5 fireballs in a 25 degree to front. 2+ "circles" work with separate timer from the other "circles", meaning you can switch elements and use 1stcircle of elementX and 2nd from elementY. Only the highest circle/spell will be shot if your element has multiple spells active.
- 2nd water shoots in all direction, which is likely unnecessary. Feels slightly weak. For a brief second-or-two (feels a bit less than for tremor, aka. earth 1) stuns what it hits seemingly 100% of times.
- 2nd earth sorrounds you with poison. It hits everything in an area around you. It isNOT DoT, and has very small dmg, but does a mini-stun at least.
- 2nd air shootsin 6directions, not up/down/left/right, so aim sucks
- 3rd air is one straight projectile with hugh damage
- 3rd earth is poison cloud (hits until the enemy is within)
- 3rd fire is a small circle. Maybe the endpoints deal DoT ifsomething stumbles into it?
- 3rd water sends a bunch of projectiles in alldirection, pretty much covering the screen.
- 4th air hits and stuns everything on screen

BUG: the enemies, at least when more than one is chasing you, tend to do "mini teleport". It is probably caused by graphical glitch for the attack animation prevents other enemies be at the same place, or something similar, so in siple terms "the enemy is closer then it seems".

Tip on ranged fighting (especialy using focus): thistrick especialy works wonders on dreamream enemies. First, know where your target is, then switch realm. Start shooting at the enemy position. When you have a streamline of projectiles reaching there, switch realm. Move sideways for a second-or-such, then switch realm so the enemy stops moving and shooting. Repeat as needed.

Note on elements: turns out the enemies have some hidden resistance-stats, meaning certain elements cause way more damage than others on specific enemies.

Note on charged focus perks: once you cast you can't just switch to another element to shoot other specials.

Valley of Tears:
- messenger boots (one)
- boar meat (quest item, might show up in Forest Edge first)
- wood elemental bough
- broken claw
- messenger scroll (quest item)
- tiger's eye (gem)

The Chasm (Monastery):
- great sword
- longsword
- the Godslayer (book)
- the monks of the sword

- diviner's staff (quest reward)

Monastery, inner chamber:
- brigandine jerkin
- brigandine helmet

Lost Canyon:
- shaman's staff
- leather bag
- battleaxe (one + shop)
- taymurian raiders' axe
- taymurian club
- taymurian raiders' mace
- taymurian talisman
- viridian cloak
- militia firebow (shop)
- militia icebow (shop)
- militia poisonbow (shop)
- militia thunderbow (shop)
- corwenth round shield
- moonstone (one, gem)
- flint ring (one)
- hawk's eye (one, gem)
- taymurian spear (one)

War Camp:
- amethyst (one)
- the first corwenth rebellion volume 2

Brigand Camp:
- bloodstone (one, gem)
- gladiator breastplate (one)
- longbow
- punch knife (might be on the miniboss only one)

Note on containers: you can not sell containers. Throw them away to make space for the upgraded variant.

Note on fighting: seems the cast-animation canbe interrupted, so using heavy weapons is specialy discouraged.

Note: if an enemy has seen you (you hear the battle music), you will get stuck in Combat Mode until it is eliminated (or you switch areas). This means no camping. Even if the battle-music ended because you got far from the enemy. But if you can get to the camp in the other realm, even if you don't have Dreamform active, youwill be able to sleep.

Lost Valley:
- corwenth glaive
- war club

Ishkai Caves:
- corwenth glaive
- carnadian (gem)
Note: I think this was the area where one of the Hex Points don't work

Taymurian shrine:
- taymurian left/right pauldrons
- taymurian breastplate
- taymurian falchion
- taymurion war axe
- taymurion healing totem
- corwenth short sword
- corwenth battleaxe
- topaz (gem)
- agate (gem)
- silver ring
Note:beware of the fire traps.
Note: the miniboss exists in both planes, so no use switching.

before the capital:
- death shroud
- militia shield (this noticably slows you down, so unless your speed is your prime stat, or high enough, don't use it - yet)
- winged ring
- brigandine left/right sleeve
- brigandine leggings
- gladiator's buckler
- mace
- imperial longbow
- obsidian (gem)
- tiger eye(looks likea gem, but is called quest item. No idea where it is/these are used at the moment)
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8 years before the start of the game happened the Second Rebellion, in which The Scarred Outcast led his army against the Theocracy, which land is also known as the country of Cornweth.
He also had some allies of command: Lord Kjellion Malfagon - the previous Lord Protector of Corwenth -, Talion - father of Carissa -, Morgan - son of Kjellion -, and Jasker - a minor figure in comparsion.
Jasker was an undead slaver (they steal, and re-condition zombie workers) previously, who refused to pay the Theocrat's taxes, and thus gained the nickname Wild Boar. and used zombie warriors to keep away the collectors, which raised the attention of Kjellion - they used his zombies as cannon-fodder distractions. There is also rumour The Order of the Veil made it possible to amass an army suddenly for them for the coinciding goal.
After the rebellion, Jasker went back to be an undead slaver, and is an "agnostic", believing they shuld leave the question wether to believe or not at the individuals.

Before this army reached the gates though, Taryn's councillor Kenzer, working for the Order of the Veil under thepersonal direction of Lady Mara, killed him with a knife, with a method which suggested it was committed by the Shadow Assassins, though this detailnever got the attention of the public actualy. Also worth noting during the 2nd Rebellion he worked contantly weakening supply routes of the Theocrat, who was though immortal (meaning couldn't dieof age), also got senile.
Then this councilor trusted the Monks of the Sword the protection of the Godslayer against theft and the destruction of it in the Monastery. This was because he could not touch it, while distrusted the monks.
He also tried to kill Quora, but was unsuccessfull as Kjellin sacrifised himself to prevent it. But for his accomplishments Krenze got promoted to High Sage.

So, you play as Alita, Battle Angel, an Inquisitor, who is against all religion. Yes, she is a Militant Atheist, lol. She born with the Macula, what is a wound on the face, not gained by actual harm, and signs the person as a natural born mage.
Your prime task when you start is, to FIND the Godslayer sword, and give it to Valakrin, the High Inquisitor to get it destroyed, or something.
The Dreamworld is actualy made of the corpse of the Dead God. This God is dead, and was formerly known as the God of the Land.
So, you are at theMonastery, and Valkarin sends you in. He doesn't enter himself for reasons of his own. Turns out the Godslayer was stolen, so you have to go in, and question the (ghost of) the Overseer. To accomplish this, you are put to the Test of the Elements on the field, which means thisis rushed, and unusual, but someone must go in, and Valkarian somehow won't fit.
Turns out the theft caused a rift, which you close in using the Amulet of the Theocrat, but this makes the ghost of the Oveerseer disappear before could tell you who was the thief.

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Arriving in the capital you are quickly initiated to the Order of the Veil (not asking your consent), which has 5 branches:
- the Inquisition (public face of the Order)
- the executors (elimination of idoltary)
- the perceptors (recuites mages)
- the mages (?)
- the sages (scribes knowledge, but not uses it).
and has these rules/laws for its members:
- uphold the rule of the Penta Negra (inner circle/leadership of the Order)
- uphold the secrecy of the Order except when instructed otherwise
- take the power theOrder gives and don't take more (though initiates get none of it, they do not participate in the ritual)
- do not interfere with the official business of any branches of theOrder
- do not practice or encourage practice or idoltary.

As you find out, the different members have different agendas, they are farfrom being a united force.
Valkarin votes to destroy the Godslayer once and for all. His specialability is super-hearing.
Evanger does not care for the Sword at all, his only intention is finding Quora. He almost got to him, but at the Taymurian Shrine the appearance of Carissa and her lustfor vengeance stripped him from that. There Talion said he'd'n't give her the Sword even if it means his death. Also turned out hewas the "messenger" who you met and walked away in the Valley of Tears. At/afterthe Shrine Evanger was following Talion in hopehe'd lead him to Quora.
Now Carissa's plan is to take the sword, make herself Theocrat, and by that power the Penta Negra can rule (openly). This was by the way the original plan of Lady Mara too (herself being the Theocrat of course), but for some reason in the end she decided to branch off her power instead)
Sollan also want the Sword, but instead wants to create a puppet-Theocrat, and by that influence eliminate all religion (liekly staying the Order hidden from the public).
And finaly Krenze, the current High Sage of the Order votes to get the Godslayer, and decide later what to do. His special ability is, he is "faceless"in the exes of people outside the Order due to Shadowhand magic (they can't rememeber his face). Also, if his next-in-line touches any of his part, gains all his knowledge (this cmes with the position).

Btw, I got here clvl 8, and that allows 8 perks to have in use.

In the end you are tasked to find Quora, and for that Valkarin's plan is to pretend youare ready to betray the Inquisition, which'll be helped by Krenze spreading this rumour. Your lead is to find the man Jasker.
Valkarin also entrust you to eliminate a local rising cult.

Order of the Veil HQ:
- The Chronicles of the Order of the Veil I. (book)
- The Fall of the Theocrat I. (book)
- The First Corwenth Rebellion III. (book)
- The Fall of the Theocrat II. (book)
- The Legendary City of Arken (book)
- The Chronicles of the Order of the Veil II. (book)
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For Act 4 I'll give a step-by-step manual what's happening.

1) in the Order HQ you'll get the quest to find Quova
2) in the Order HQ you can pick up the quest to demolish the local Cult
3) I walked around the city part ofthe map, and somewhere picked up the Trick Jasker into helping locate Quova
4) Sollan will initiate the Stop Warring Thieves quest. you can pick this quest up later, but information-wise it is best to pick it up right here.
5) Jasker will give you a ton of info when talking with him. Considering the logical order of info-gathering the most marking is, that you should talk with Croesus. It doesn't effectanything if you deviate from the order aside that you'll feel the order of sentences is wrong.
To note, he initiates the Get Into The Arena quest. This quest is tricky, containing side-quests, sub-quests, and special events, so for now you either go on foot to Arbiter and defeat his zombie, or talk to Evanger to be "teleported" there.
6) Croesus trusts you to Get the Ledger. While he is a merchant, part of his reward will be a discount on is wares. Not that it should be significant considering the prices (whatare in the hundreds) and that you run around with 20-30K gold.
7) there is a merchant named Armorer
8) there is a merchant named Merchant. Sells rope ladder, taymurian healing totem and other curiosities you probably don't need anymore
9) You'll have accessto the merchant Joran again (if you spoke about him in the War Camp?). If you did tell about his business in the War Camp, you can tell him you did so, and it seems to have no consequences (no event changes, he will keep selling his items).
10) you can buy a local house for 10K $. You don't realy need it, and its chest doesn't even have anything in it, AND it is inconveniently placed, but it does givea hugh chnunk of exp (well, everything is hugh compared to random enemies worth 3-20 exp at most).
11) there is a merchant named Jeweller
12) Fanrick gives you the quest Aquire Eye Ring from soldier. For this you'll have to hop back to the War Camp. As the jeweller has some new equipment, you might want to visit previous areas until you unlock their abilities. After the War Camp come back and speak with Gonfalon.
13) although it netts you nothing substantial either by items or progress, you can clear the crypt of Pheron. It is a bit crowded place, but nothing unbeatable.

Note: you can not enter to certain areas. Not the guards prevent you, as I even tried to enter from the Dreamworld, but the game's engine (the Gladiator Arena, Madame Zolftig, possibly more).

14) As you still can't enter the brothel, and entering the Arena is more beneficial if you did the Get Ledger quest, time to enter the Storehouse. Do no enter the sewers yet, just get Ledger. TheSH is nothin major: a smallroom, 4-5 guards, and the Ledger. Bring it to Croesus.
15) At this point the official walkthrough sais we should go into the arena, and do 2 fights. Well, I already did 3. They get very though. The problem is, this should initiate that Nabob go away, and be able to start the DiscourageNabob quest by talkingto Croesus. This didn't happen to me. The 4th fight was against a solo figure, still didnotlet medo the Nabob quest, and being a solofight, could not pick up its items either.
Btw, the strategy here is to most of the time dock in the Dreamworld, and only appear briefly to avoid getting hit, and herd the enemies to shoot them with 2nd circle of fire. Ifthere are only a coupleof enemies left, you may remove all your armors and do some perk-unlocking if you found something new (but be carefuil with this). You must empty the arena beforeyouare allowedto save! Dreamform perk is practicaly a must for these fights.
16) So go to the Sewers through the Storehouse. Speak with Sharok. Go out and speak with Jasper. Go back and speak with Sharok again - before this heal if you have to, there'll be a fight. Actualy, some thieves spanwed in the sewer since you came down first!
NOTE: seems Nabob's presence is demanded during this whole thing, so that might be a reason why thatquest wasn't triggered.
17) next move speak again with Sharok, and he'll unlock Magame Zoftig's brothel. This seems to be the only way to do so.
18) talk to the Madame. This unlocks 2 things: a) bringa Carmeleonite to that soldier selling that (Tiger) Eye Ring. b) go to the War Camp, andspeak with the bard, then go back and speak with the Madame. This gets rid of the bard (noteto myself: check if he's inside the brothel).
19) the next thingto do is talk again with Sharok (he'll be in the bar/ship), which'll make you go and dispose some demons under the sewers. A previouslynon-existant Obvious Entrence willappear down there. Somedemonspawns already crawledto the Sewerlevel by the way. DSs are man, and their graphic istoo big for the system to handle, so think of them like they were two times bigger. Fortunately theydon't cause much damage - at least not in max available heavy armor. Also note these thingsexist in both realm, sothe onlyworth of dreamworld is to find hex marks.
During this you'll find
- Demonspawn Tentacle
20) go and speak with the mage who'll have some new dialogue for some reason. Turns out his apprentice escaped, and he summoned the demons to the sewers. The new location Hellgate is just and excuse to throw at you some old enemies for nostalgia sake, also has the new honed demons - melee, for the program again oversized enemies. I think they sometimes do reflecting damage? Doesn't realy matter with your armors though.
Note, that at clvl 12 you get 2 addition perk-slot.
Note, that I think leaving behindloot prevents enemies to respawn.
Note, that I think the attunement-points dreamworld enemies leave behind might help you unlock perks ifyou have unlocked equipment and the proper requirements to unlock them.
Note, that at this point the innkeeper in the Village no longer buys boar meat.
Note, that there's no consequence or difference between defeating and bringing back theapprentice aside that if you finish him off, you cankeep his staff:
- Demon Horn
Other equipment during this:
- Protector's Shield

- war mace
- corwenth mace
- corwenth longsword
- corwenth spear
- corwenth war axe
- great axe
- all acolyte rods
- imperial stormbow
- imperial firebow
- imperial earthbow
- imperial icebow
- gladiator left/right pauldron
- corwenth military shield
- amber
- gold ring
- bejewelled ring
- civil rod
- mattock (in the crypt)
- Ledger (quest item)
- imperial glaive (arena)
- aquamarine (gem, arena, not listed on the official item list!)
- crystalscale ring (arena)
- gladiator helm (arena)
- trappers' boots (arena, notlisted on theofficial item list!, earth + ranged)

Lost Valley:
- gladius (this is either progress or level dependent, or just a rare item/me got unlucky rolls)
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21) Next thing to do is speak with Sharok. You'll have to enter the Arena again, and do a one-on-one fight. This oneis against a lvl 16 enemy, who can 1HKO you with a critical. So your only option is to hit him with earth spells which do stuns, and wait out the charging time in the Dreamworld.
Do not forget to pick up the stuff from the previous combat at the start (so you unlock a new perk right now):
- chainmail
After that, you have a choice, but not the option to save! Option oneis to defeat Sharok - the reward is like 5,500 exp,and 5,000 gold. Option B isto fight Gozen, which nets you 2K gold, and like 15K exp. There's no difference otherwise.
22) BEFORE talking with Sharok again (either to report success or that you turn against him), the Discourage Nabob quest becomes available. Just talk to Croesus, go to Nabob, and punch him with bare fist to make sure he survives. Given how pathetic he is, there's no reason to exterminate him (no new equipment). Naturaly report back your success.
I have no idea what happens if you do more stuff before this!
23) Now go back to the prison (after reporting success to #21), and talk to the boy in one of the cells to free him. Then you are sent to the crypts. Do NOT try out what happens if you botherthelich again - nothing happens aside you again gain the quest, what mean potential bug.
Instead go back to the Arena, and do another two fights, because you can.

Items for #21-#23:
- Taryn's Ring (one)
- warblade (from the previous 1-on-1 arena fight)
- Western Great Axe (from the arena fight against Gozen's bodyguard)
- garalian great hammer (from thenew arena fight, possible lucky drop)

The next section seems to be őretty straightforward.
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Nice read. I figured it out eventually, but you should probably put at the beginning which game you're talking about it, since there are 3 games in the series thus far.
bengeddes: Nice read. I figured it out eventually, but you should probably put at the beginning which game you're talking about it, since there are 3 games in the series thus far.
I'll progress when it comes to that, but the current part is just dungeon-crawling. The opposite of the exposition-heavy Act4.

Well, took some time away from Baldur's Gate and tried to continue.
Turned out, in the Mines if you go back a level, it'll be re-filled with all the monsters, so don't do that. Also, the Walkthrough mentions some levels as "Cross this location and exit." These levels are infested with monsters, but has no placeto sleep (aka. regenerate). AND they have some very ugly water traps. That means you have to run through them like in Resident Evil, AND have the ignore trap perk running. Preferably.
Wow, talk about terrible design! The Necromancer's Chamber level at the bottom of the Mine is overtly long, and filled with gigantic enemies, notto mention liches which stunlock you and1HKO you if you stand close when their T3 skill activates. This'll take a while...

The ice-immunity perk (no armor, water element) surprisingly works, what means liches mean no harm. Also, from a distance, or position, or something, the Iron Clad Golems which have 6K HP stops moving, which happened to me regularly. It's boring to whck down that amount of HP, but at least you don'thave to walk all the way back for another sleep.

So, given the circumstances it was a stupid idea to give a bunch of new gear here (in chests).
By the way, after unlocking the Big Obvious Door it's not all funky, as a mega-beast attacks you. Yes, itfits through the tiniest corridors too. Whatit can't actualy deal with, is earth perks. The poison cloud is especialy getting in its way.

- sura bonebow
- demon talon
- lava elemental jawbone
- beast hide
- ice elemental bone
- imperial greaves
- imperial rapier
- emerald
- sura breastplate
- pearl
- key of the cadaver (quest item)
- key of the lifeless immortal (quest item)
- key of the final breath (quest item)
- the life of Quora, the scarred outcast vol I
- Larwan's Staff (do NOT give it an element!)

Next you can have 1 fight in the Arena vs ice and fire golems. The ice golems are fastre,so you need either fire or air with air's speed perk against them. During this fight I unlocked the newice focus, and the new fire focus, and put 33% on Larwan's staff (and the beast hide because I can).

Sura wastes:
Start in HEAVY ARMOR, else you'll not even have a chance. I used air element, but I assume anything could work. Go north, and you'll find a chest (and a firecamp). Pick out its content, One of the thingies is unlocked fighting in Dreamworld. Dreamworld here is pretty easy, useit to unlock Larwan's staff for Path of Mages perk (along it you can unlock Berserk). After that unlock the vambrace if you still have to, and the new air focus from the previous area.
Btw, on clvl 16 you get another 2 perk-slot, and you'll need them..
Rest, and change to NO ARMOR set, with air element, which you'll needfor Fleet Foot (incrised walk/run speed perk). Now, and only this way you have a chance in this area, because the enemies are too though and fast for any other approach.
Also, here you'll find a side-area, Frpozen-somthing. Did not enter yet. First, Ill go back finishing the quest got here. Thisapproach will pretty much work for the next area too if the official walkthrough is correct.

- bastard sword (nothere, but in some previous area, forgot to mention)
- sura war axe
- suraleft/right vambrace (1 each)
- sura javelin
- turquoise
- sura frostbow
- sura battleaxe
- sura great mace
- sura claws
- salamander ruby (not on the item list!)

3rd stat to improve after maxing Magic and Speedis melee as it not just improves a useless-to-you damage type, but also buff block chance.

Frozen Lair (here is a single ice elemental):
- the life of Quora, the scarred outcast vol II
- sura rat helm
- sura poisonbow

Black Rock Castle:
Here you can buy the whole Warlord perk series. It costs a megaton of money though.
Fighting the local Champion is problematic. You have no space, he'll 66% 1HKO you, has 35K HP, insaneamount of block and dodge, the terrain is buggy... Good luck.
- sura bear helm
- imperial sura buckler
- bastard sword (I might have remembered falsely earlier finding this)
- imperial signet ring
- caduceus
- sura firebow
- sura stormbow
- sura great shield
- sura signet ring OR demonskin boots (Joran brings the one of your choice. The officialwalkthrough mentions there are other rings, which have the same perk as the imperial ring here, but isa quest item. The boots I have no idea if other exists, although it is for light armor I think, and that I do not use).

Red Smoke Hills-or-sg:
There's no campfire here, so don't look for it.
The champion isan archer, meaning won't move a step, and has godly criticals. So start in Dreamworld, loot the chests and boneheaps, unlock the new items, hop into Heavy Armor because you just unlocked the No Critical On Me perk, and do your job.
Oh, and while the official walkthrough says you can messwith the two Special Character battling, the nmber of enemies arriving prevents this.
- opal
- ruby
- red smoke bonebow (note: you can sell it to the shaman questor for 20K, while otherwise sells for 5K. At the shaman. The other merch in the area of him gives better prices - not 20K for the bow though)
- sura boar helm
- imperial necklace
- ice elemental tooth
- sura spiked mace
- sura warblade
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The Oracle's place is pathetic.
- imperial right pauldron
- garulian centurion's sword
- katana
- seal of the lord protector
- adept's hellbringer
- Mara's ring

Btw, did not integrate a couple of info since. There's just some minor bit why wassisname is madwith whossit, and here they try to state that albeit these people are religious, they had the right intentsions and they are now very sorry. It's just uninterresting.
Then you go and fight Valkaryn. Hehas 35K HP, casts fire, is immun to fire. Wonderful. I dunno why, but Air works here. I also stuck in my full armor, not sure if this has any relevance. I'm not sure if Resurrection works at all, but I switched that in anyway for Fleet Foot. Keep distance, dodge his projectiles, and hope his 4th level fire spell won't roast you. That's it.

But after the fight do NOT yet go back advancing the story, instead you can fight again in the Arena. it'll besome absurd 1v1 battle against some melee soldier - an opportunity to unlock the 4th level of fire spells. Also you gain 50K gold, and gold means the remaining level of Warlord. Not to mention the last fight, which netts you100K. It is against demons, so you'll be able to pick up the equipments from the previous fight, equip what need unlock, and doa lot of unlocking.
- sura greaves
- suralion helm

After thisyou'll beoffered to do the Final Confrontation, OR go to a traning area. The purpose of the Reliquary is to giveyou some more things to do. It has demons (still can save in dreamworld despite demons being present in both world), and thepreviously mentioned Shadow Assassins turned into liches (because the Theocrat had this spell on him in case he gets defeated, because of course he did).

This is a 2 level dungeon which feels like something from Siege of Avalon.
- Spear of Shadowhands
- Sura Signet Ring
- Demonhide Boots
- Lava Elemental Spine
- Arkor's helm
- Arkor's mail

Items I did not come accross yet:
- axe of the garulian legions
- godslayer sword
- chainmail coif
- earth emerald
- annals of the cult of the eternal god
- icco's tragic romances: niri and talion
- the first corwenth rebellion vol 1
- the life of quova, the scarredoutcast vol. 3
- the life of quova, the scarredoutcast vol. 4
- the reliquary crusade
- the rise and fall of the garulian empire vol. 2
- the rise and fall of the garulian empire vol. 3
- the rise and fall of the garulian empire vol. 4

For the end you have the following options:
- let Carissa win. She ascends and becomes the new gawd or something.
- keep the GS, crown yourself to theocrat, aka. a bloodfisted dictator.
- destroy the DS and become the new pope.
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