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I'm currently at the very endgame of Kult. I can complete the first ending with no problems, as it doesn't require me fighting Carissa, but I cannot earn the other two endings, where I fight Carissa (and Quova). I can kill Quova, but the moment I kill Carissa the game crashes without exceptions and I cannot see the epilogue.

I have tried the windowed mode, tried to lower all the graphical setting and tried to tinker with the compatibility mode, but nothing helps. There doesn't seem to be a lot of information about the first Heretic Kingdoms game on the internet, but I cannot be the only one encountering the problem. :-(
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... And I have found the problem. Seems to be a yet undiscovered bug regarding which weapon you slay Carissa with. The game 100% crashes if you try to kill her with an Air based bow. I don't know if it's the Air element, the bow or the combination of two, but it always happens. Literally any other attack does the trick and gets rid of Carissa without any problems.

Weird, considering the Air based bow is the most powerful bow in the game, so an archer will obviously be inclined to use it for all final bosses.