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I'm an hour or so into the game (3 game days), I've read every scrap of documentation, and I can't figure out how to rest! The manual makes several references to blood points only being restored by camping, but none of them mention how to do it.

The most complete list of hotkeys is in the ReadMe file, and that doesn't mention it either. TIA for any help.
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Nevermind, figured it out. You can find a campfire, or a hotel, or buy a house with a bed in it. Also, blood points are restored when you level, which should get you through until your first home-buying opportunity presents itself.
Where's the hotel? The campfire stopped working for me (Can't click on it, does nothing) and I don't have enough money to buy the outrageously expensive house.

Nevermind, found it (Far eastern part of the town)
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