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Pretty early on, you can get a Hexapod Mandible focus. It seems to be bugged, though. In game, it's labeled as a Fire focus that grants an attunement whose requirement is having an Earth focus equipped. Since it eats up the slot where you would equip an Earth focus, it blocks you from ever learning its own Attunement.

I started with Fire Attunement at the start of the game, but I doubt that this affects anything other than which rod you pick up during the opening level.

Is anyone else having this experience?

Also, the manual lists Hexapod Mandible as being an Earth focus.
Post edited November 30, 2013 by mothwentbad
I figured it out. It's not a bug, but it's sort of questionable design, and I didn't really see anyplace where the manual explained it properly.

There are NPCs who can change the element of weapons and focuses for a cost. Whichever is equipped is the one that gets changed. So yeah, it's a Fire focus with an Earth attunement in it, but you have to have it changed to an Earth focus before it's any good to you. Pretty silly, but not technically broken or useless. Yay.