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Hello everybody!

So, I started playing the game, reached Arathen and I am on the process of talking to NPCs and discovering quests. I spoke to the miller and paid him the dowry but that was before finding the one armed zombie that could possibly work for him.

Now, there are two problems. First and foremost, I can't officially complete the quest. In the quest log, the particular quest remains on the "Assigned Quests". I have nothing more to discuss with the miller or his daughter and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. It seems like a bug, have anyone else encountered it?

Secondly, I have read on the game's guide that it is possible to talk to the miller, pay him 200 shekels, then talk to the zombie and finally talk to the miller again, convincing him to return you the money you gave him in exchange for a worker. The guide states clearly:

a. Get 200 shekels and pay the Miller the dowry by selecting “I’ll pay you the two hundred shekel
dowry you’re owed.”
b. Go to the Graveyard (top left of area) and talk to the one armed zombie. Then return to the
Miller and select “If I had a worker for you, would that put you square with your daughter?”
c. Do (a) then (b), but select “If I had a worker who didn’t need paying, would you pay me back
the money I gave you?”

However, I do not have any of the above options. The quest seems stuck.

I'm sorry for the long text, any help is appreciated :)
I'm playing the game right now. But in my case I just told him about the zombie and the quest was solved.
But the game does seem a bit unstable, so maybe the issue is a bug?

If your problem is the money, don't worry. Soon enough - when you start killing enemies and selling their weapons to the blacksmith for profit - you'll get plenty of money on your hands.

I suspect I found a bug too. I know there's a side-quest for the town Magistrate, involving his sick son. But after his dialogue about the sword he seems to have vanished from the town. I guess that means that sometimes side-quests do get broken in this game.
Pity, because it really is a fun Action-RPG.