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I think I'm nearly at the end of the game - I'm just about to head into the Reliquary - and there are a couple of loose ends that I'd like to sort out. I've done a search but have not come up with any answers so I'm hoping someone here will know :)

In the Lost Canyons there is a 'Chest full of Treasure' on a ledge and I have no idea how to reach it. I had thought Levitation would be the attunement to use but that doesn't seem to do anything towards getting me nearer the chest. I had visions of just floating up there and snaffling all of the treasure but no, that doesn't work. So what do I need to do to reach the chest?

Also, at Black Rock Castle a Surakai Freeborn needs a 'Sura signet ring'. Unfortunately I had asked the trader chap for the boots before I found out that the ring was needed. Is there anywhere else I can get/buy the ring or did I make the wrong choice with the boots?

Thanks in advance for any answers.
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There's a Sura Signet Ring in one of the sarcophagi on the first level of the reliquary. (Edit: And another one on the second level. And a pair of demonskin boots. So it doesn't really matter which option you pick from the trader.)

As for the "chest full of treasure", I think it's just a tease. The "levitation" attunement just makes you immune to traps, it doesn't actually let you access new areas.
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Thanks for the reply.

I pushed on and found the rings so that made both the Surakai Freeborn and I very happy ;) As for the sneaky trick regarding the treasure and levitation, well that had me puzzling right up to the end of the game.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the game and will definitely play again and next time not spend ages trying to reach the treasure!