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That topic. Any chance of a Linux port?
I was wondering that myself. Unfortunately, although the developer is interested in a Linux port, it does not seem likely. He explains the situation on Steam:
Still intending to look into this once I'm out of the woods with the initial launch. Just to explain what makes this more than a simple tick box for me--

The game is in Unity engine. Unity has some fairly basic video features across all platforms, but they're, well, pretty basic. For this game I need to both (a) render the video to a texture and (b) scrub the video. These 2 requirements mean I've had to use different video plugins for each platform, namely VTP 2.0 and AVPro. Neither of those support Linux.

So to crank out a Linux version I need to either (a) remove some functionality, e.g. video scrubbing; which is a bit crap or (b) write (well, get someone else to write) a decent video plugin for Unity on Linux.