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Hi all

I just purchased the game and as the title says, I encountered these two bugs.

The first time I beat the last level (not the boss) I got teleported to a room with no weapon in my character hands, and nothing was working but the mutation select button, which instead gave a weapon back to my character.
Other than that, I still couldn't move or do anything but fire the weapon, and even then the aiming was skewed because wasn't even firing in the direction I was pointing it.
I restarted the playthorough and reached the end again, and it worked.
Still, the bug left a pretty sour taste in my experience, especially because I bought this game after being refunded for one so broken that I belive has been pulled off from the store.

The second bug happened in the following playthorough.
Buying the resurrection orb from the shop somehow makes the "dead" mutation disappear from the available ones in the playthorough.

I'm really liking the game, and I hope you can fix these issues.
Update: I experimented a bit and found out that pparently the "lockup" bug triggers whenever you suspend your game to come back later.