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I'm having three main issues:

1. looking around using the mouse feels very disconnected, since the speed is restricted to 4 seconds for a full 360° circle. It seems to be disabled in focus mode. Can I somehow disable this limitation completely?

Is this intentional game design? I get that turning around takes time - but this feels very much like a bug. I don't know how fast your neck muscles are - but 180° in front of you, so left to right, takes me about a tiny fraction of a second in real life. In Hellblade it takes me 2 full seconds, while the motion blur is outright killing me!

2. when walking around the camera automatically centers the view. Can I disable that somehow?

I know this from very old DOS games, where you didn't have a mouse to look around. But I don't get, why the game keeps forcing me to look level headed, once I move? The maximum camera-turn-speed seems much faster when moving around tho.

3. the mouse sensitivity difference between the X and Y axis is waaaay off and view angle for up/down is limited to what feels like 45° down and 20° up. Is there any way to fix this?

Thanks to the void of the internets, at least I've been able to disable the motion blur! So to a degree it is playable now... but it could be much much better. As of now the controls feel like a very cheap console port *sigh*

Btw, off topic: oh, and could someone tell the devs, that when you make people watch someone paddle on a tree-trunk-boat for 10 minutes, they might start to consider the physics of the and notice that that paddle doesn't get wet and that the boat should only spin and spin and spin in place, when you keep on the same side all the time? ;D
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