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Gog is such a great platform for high quality games like Hellblade or the Witcher 3. Witcher 3 offers some neat extras to download via the Gog Galaxy client. It would be totally awesome if we could get some nice wallpapers, avatars, or whatever for Hellblade, too!

Great game, definitely a work of art! Last time I enjoyed a game from you was Enslaved, which was uniqueand great, too.
Keep on the good work!
I'd take this, too! One of the first things I did after finishing the game was to see if the soundtrack was available for purchase. Some of the central songs can be found lying around but I'd really like some of the ambient tracks as well. The "warm world" theme during the tower trial is one of my favourite tracks in the game.

I digress, but some of the combat themes in this game were incredible in how well they fit the scene. I tried listening to them after having finished the game but hearing them outside of where they are used doesn't do it justice. It really goes to show how the composer was part of the development process.

For those who are looking for something similar, Wardruna is what comes to many people's mind the instant they hear some of the tracks in this game. It's a little more melodic for sure, but about as close as you'll get I believe.
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Totally agree, the music is awesome. I specially enjoyed the final battle music when you must fight with all the enemies at once. Great game!