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I died and load game without torch and cant comeback. This is in the last location.
Post edited August 09, 2017 by verydima
Very strange. I cant play. And I dont want to start from begin. I created ticket yesterday and today to moneyback. But no response.
Post edited August 10, 2017 by verydima
(Sorry for bad English) I found solution for this situation. Run BACK towards the beam over the pit, but not too fast. The idea is that you MUST die above the pit just before stepping onto the lighted part of the beam. Convulsing Senua will roll into the light. If your dying animation will end on a lit part of the beam (it looks strange, but you'll not fall into a pit during this animation) then monster will not be there during your next respawn. You'll get a new torch before next rune-sealed door.

P.S.: Before jumping down to that next door, don't miss lorestone near your spawn point.
Post edited August 12, 2017 by ssv_170379
Man, you helped me so much! This is a great 'bugfix' that helped me to walk around this siliy glitch. All praise the allmighty ssv =)
Post edited August 13, 2017 by Marcincostam