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Following the tutorial for ship building, it's telling me to dock at the Blue Heart shipyard. The only shipyard I see in Blue Heart is Loge, but when I lock my navigation computer on to it and fly toward the station, I can't find the docking's directing me to some yellow portrusion that looks like a docking port, but I'm not gettinig any docking indicators.

Any ideas?
The docking ports may be above the (yellowish) target rectangle. They often look like towers with round ports (for example 2 small, 1 large) - if I read you right, you have already found that object.

It may happen that you have to circle around the tower, because the port on the opposite side has been enabled for you. Or maybe you may need to get a little closer? I recall having that problem once - maybe also in that exact same tutorial step. Circling around helped me.

Edit: Oh, gosh! Now I see the date when you've posted that message. Well, they say: better late than never.
Post edited July 16, 2021 by Arsen7