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UPDATE Harmonic Resonance Mod Version 1.6

New ships:

Kelvin Scout
Starfish Cutter
Wyvern Frigate

Solaris Freighters (4 variants)

Oiler: 1x750
Bulk: 3x250
Gas: 6x125
Liquid: 10x75

Basilisk Blockade Runner
Baltazhar Blockade Buster
Osiris Maintenance Tug

Use a clean save to test this version for bugs or anomalies.

Changes from the previous versions:

Kelvin Scout: none
Starfish Cutter: none
Wyvern Frigate: New ship based on the Dragon

Solaris Oiler; New Freighter with 1x750 cargo space.

Solaris Bulk, Gas, Liquid: Moved to the Heavy Ships category which will probably alleviate the docking troubles experienced and one can now upgrade the engines.

Basilisk: none
Baltazhar: name change from Bismarck to Baltazhar

Osiris: New ship based on the Solaris (at this point it is an expensive unarmed transport ship) - It has unknown upgrade capablities which need to be game tested. If this is not possible, I will give it a new life as a military fast transporter.


Use a new save game to test and report issues. I will try to rectify them if possible or find a workaround, and don't forget to unsubscribe from a previous build.


Download here:
Copy here:

GOG Games\HeliumRain\HeliumRain\Content\Paks

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Nice! Will give them a try soon.
Version 1.6 available

download link:

Copy this file in your HeliumRain/HeliumRain/Content/Paks folder

Screenshots below or here:



Harmonic Resonance Mod Final Release Candidate

The Harmonic Resonance mod strives to add cosmetic changes to Helium Rain that stay in line with the vanilla game's overall look and feel.

There will be no more Harmonic Resonance updates from this one on. I have spent days crafting this mod to my liking and shared it with you all. The bugs should all be squashed and the gameplay is stable. Thank you for all the people who subscribed and liked this mod.

Godspeed and good gaming.


New appearance configuration options:

- 10 new player company emblems to choose from

found ingame under -> 'company' -> 'appearance'

- 8 new camouflage pattern options also used by the AI along with new color schemes for the AI

- Adds Navlights (red/green/white) blinkers to most vanilla ships that were part of the Helium Rain Mod Kit:

- Solen
- Ghoul
- Dragon
- Omen
- Orca
- Invader

and adds them also to all new ships

New Ships:

Military - S-Class

Kelvin Scout
Spearfish (Starfish) Cutter
Wyvern Frigate

Military - L-Class - combat


Military - L-Class - trading

Basilisk Blockade Runner: 6x600
Baltazhar Blockade Buster: 4x600
Nautilus Megafreighter: 6x4000

Civilian - L-Class - Trading

Solaris Oiler: 1x750 (O version)
Solaris Bulk: 3x250 (B version)
Solaris Gas: 6x125 (G version)
Solaris Liquid: 10x75 (L version)
Osiris Maintenance Tug: 1x50

New station models overhaul:

- see screenshots for newest stations

- New Pump Station
- New Forge
- New Ice Mine
- New Iron Mine
- New Habitat
- New Outpost
- New Research Station
- New Foundry
- New Factory
- New Refinery
- New Farm...

NEW in June 2021

- New Planetary textures for all of Nema's satellites.
- Modified the outer appearance of some stations (New screenshots available)
- Removed the 'complex' facility from the station build screen, since it was not playing nice with the new stations.

NEW in July 2021

- New station kitbashes for the majority of stations

Resolved bugs from previous Mod installments

Use a clean save to test this version for bugs or anomalies.

Changes from the previous versions: and Resolved Bugs

- Solaris Gas has correct number of cargo slots now
- Removed the cargo slot text in the description - it shows how much each ship has in the 'purchase ship' screen.
- Removed Engine entities that showed when the pilot fired weapons manually.
- Changed the floodlight position on the Wyvern so it does not glare on the cockpit making it non legible
- Solen shuttle received solar panels.
- Leviathan blueprint received an overhaul changing the look of the ship and adding an extra gun emplacement.
- With the Starfish cutter, RCSes were not able to be upgraded because they were damaged ad perpetuum and could not be repaired. This has been resolved.

June 2021 debug:

- Had hoped that the 7 research tiers would be picked up by the game engine, but no. So, reset them to 5 levels as in vanilla.
- Set the Dora's cockpit camera view on a more reasonable place.

* It is advised to turn motion blur off in the graphics options when using this mod.
** Use a clean save to test this version for bugs or anomalies.


Starting a new game is highly recommended.
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Awesome thank you for uploading it here.
Unfortunately it is not working with Linux. Colors missing, vessel controls not working etc.
The link is dead so I posted it on Mega hopefully this is fine. The code is folder slash k0MyVKbZ#soriqtwiEpfEd-7sD-SWAg
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