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Hedon is now officially civvie-approved, so if you call yourself a fan of boomer shooters, you are legally obliged to play it.
That was a very good video Civvie11 did on this game.
I also wanna point out one detail which might actually be useful information for people who are on the fence about trying Hedon:

I think it's evident that civvie doesn't like Hexen because of how convoluted it it. But he's really positive about Hedon in his recent video, a game which is easily as complex and as big as Hexen.

So if anyone ever explains Hedon to you as "it's kinda like Hexen", you know not to take that too seriously. Hedon's design is complex, but it works so much better because everything makes sense intuitively, from the puzzles to the map layouts. No pushing buttons that activate stuff five maps away which isn't connected to the button in any way, for example ;)
Post edited September 30, 2021 by Exsurgent
Civvie seems like he knows what he's talking about when it comes to shooters.

...I wonder if he has a GOG account?