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Patch 2.1.0 just released

Bear in mind that savegames do not work across different game versions, so make a backup with your current version before updating if you want to keep them.
You can restore your progress using the level selector inside the Testing Hub (start a new game and hop into one of the level pits providing the proper gear).

2.1.0 Changelog:
- Attempted fix for engine not picking up the proper main monitor on a multi-monitor setup;
- Fixed the issue with gamma and uiscale settings not saving properly;
- Fixed "Restore to defaults" not properly restoring consumable hotkeys;
- Fixed a number of graphical issues caused by brightmaps such as the weird glass reflections in Map09;
- Attempted fix for the crashes caused when exiting the game on Windows 7;
- Fixed the library issues caused by conflicts with the Linux Steam Runtime;

- Acid Potions now deliver their damage over a half second period rather than instantly, better simulating an acid splash effect;
- Enhanced visuals for the pink Toxic Cloud explosion;
- Made the Paingun's muzzle flash bigger and brighter;
- Increased the Hellclaw's projectile damage;
- Significantly increased the Crylance's chance to stagger medium to high tier enemies;
- Fixed Crushbow alt fire using up 2x ammo while shooting underwater;
- Fixed the Greataxe not triggering hit sounds when swinging at a certain angle/range from the target;

- Slightly reduced the chance for Initiates to perform a 3-shot attack;
- Cerberi have brighter orange lights on their backs for better visibility and get staggered slightly longer by Fragfire shots;
- Slightly reduced the damage of the clouds created by the Warlock's Toxic Bolt;
- While submerged, Warlocks now fire 3 Spirit Missiles instead of 6;
- Significantly reduced the direct damage of the Glutton's acid blobs and slightly increased their aoe damage;
- Added dynamic lights to Psi Demons while they attack to better signal their position and reduced their chance to create mirror images when damaged;

- Fixed various typos in the texts/dialogue;
- Fixed a bad music trigger when backtracking after the portal fight in Map05;
- Fixed the Book of Earth not being taken from your inventory in Map06;
- Added a couple of tutorial reminder tips at the start of Map11;
- The Crystal Curator can be killed instead of healed at the start of Map11 as an alternative;
- Fixed a broken extra secret count in Map12;
- Made the large crystal in the museum room explode from any source of damage in Map12;
- Fixed the Psi Crown not being removed from the player's inventory when skipping the first briefing in Map13;
- Attempted fix for the crash that occurs in the cathedral library in Map16;
- Fixed the gate leading up to Yzbeth's mansion not properly blocking movement in Map18;
- Fixed Wounded Bear Warrior not giving the proper reward based on difficulty in Map18;
- Split Map21 into two maps, "Blood Rite" (upper part and ending cinematic) and "Buried" (lower part and boss fight) in order to improve general performance;
- Switched some of the decorative level geometry to a singular 3D model in order to improve performance in the upper part of Map21;
- Fixed the Blue Baron not being killable/not properly entering his boss fight phases when receiving massive damage at once;
- Many other minor improvements and adjustments;

2.0.0 Bloodrite Sequel Update Summary:
- Added the Hedon Bloodrite game/campaign which can be selected when starting a new game;
- Overhauled weapon sounds and animations;
- Made certain decorative objects breakable;
- Improved blood and gore;
- Added custom terrain sounds when the player lands on a surface;
- Added dynamic oxygen bar and inventory item selection belt;
- Made various tweaks and improvements to monster and weapons;
- Added minor new features and made various small adjustments to the maps of Hedon I;
Regarding the saves breaking issue - for GOG you can manage your game installation, uncheck the auto update and you can then choose which version of the game to use.
I see that a 2.1.1 update is out. What's in this update?
redcat22: I see that a 2.1.1 update is out. What's in this update?
That's a good question.
Oh, so that's why my saves didn't work. At least I was still only on the first level of Bloodrite.
redcat22: I see that a 2.1.1 update is out. What's in this update?
I posted the patch notes in the "Changelog" thread and in the "What did just update" thread in the "General" forum.
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redcat22: I see that a 2.1.1 update is out. What's in this update?
Berzerk2k2: I posted the patch notes in the "Changelog" thread and in the "What did just update" thread in the "General" forum.
I wish I could pin that thread or something, but not sure if you can on GOG