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Map 11 - can't find the last enemy. Playing on Brutalizing, got all 6 secrets (didn't get any unregistered easter egg secrets) but no matter what I can't find the last monster. Is it a bug or a feature?
[Update]: One monster was hiding in the library, Scroll of Wizard's Eye helped.

Map 12 - can't find 9th secret. I even checked pagb666 video and it seems the very first one is a double secret.
But no matter what I just can't get it twice. This is ridiculous!
Solution: open console, enter the code *noclip* and cross the doorway line to collect that elusive secret #2 (or #1). Beta testers are no good if they ever checked this particular area.
[Update]: Map 12 double secret is to be fixed with the forthcoming Hedon update.
Post edited September 13, 2021 by Cadaver747