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Hey there. I really enjoyed the first part of Hedon, but I'm having a bit more trouble enjoying the second. I ramped up the difficulty one level, and I found that this made a *really* big difference in the game. I barely have enough ammo to kill anything anymore.

Problem is, I'm already somewhat deep into the game and would like to not have to play from the beginning again. Would someone please have an idea of how difficulty could be changed, or how console commands might be used to achieve that aim? Thank you kindly.
Can't say for Episode 2 but I completed Episode 1 once on Hedonistic and then started over on Brutalizing and Bearzerk. In my experience playing on Hedonistic was the hardest playthrough mainly due to scarce ammo. So in case you tried Hedonistic difficulty this time (was it so hard to name your difficulty?) I suggest you to start over and select Brutalizing, in Episode 1 this brought additional ammo and helpful companions which provided additional pieces of lore by commenting game events and places. Bearzerk is the best difficulty ever but I would strongly suggest to leave it for a second playthough, you'll know why.

Console commands:
skill x (where x is difficulty number, e.g. 5, you will have to wait for a new level to load)
nextmap (nextmap will get you there but without any progress like weapons and ammo, and companions)

I would suggest you to load any autosave before level end, change the difficulty in console and proceed onwards, and consider playing on Brutalizing it's the most fun difficulty for vanilla play (shooting enemies) period.
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Really? I did not know that is how it worked. I'll check out brutalizing. That actually does sound pretty fun.

You can start a new game and select Testing Hub and resume any progress you had on whatever difficulty you want. Sure, you won't have the exact items and ammo but each level select provides you with some basic gear for it.