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Bear in mind that savegames do not work across different game versions, so make a backup with your current version before updating if you want to keep them.
You can restore your progress using the level selector inside the Testing Hub (start a new game and hop into one of the level pits providing the proper gear).

2.1.3 Changelog
• Switched weapon slot position of the Hatchet and Shield with the Axe on Bearzerk, in order to keep the Axe on 1 across all difficulties;

• Increased the mind damage protection of the Psi Crown from 80% to 90%;
• Fixed player being able to drop multiple Diving Suits and Charged Psi Crowns from their inventory;

• Marked level ends and transitions on the automap;
• Numerous minor changes including texture alignments, typo fixes and actor placement;
• Fixed a broken extra secret count in Map01 caused by some changes in the last patch;
• Added a new visual navigation helpers in Map07 and a couple extra monster ambushes when releasing the Ward's safeties;
• Fixed a map node issue preventing movement on an icy ledge side in Map08;
• Made Lancer Dendra's briefing in Map10 skippable and gave some of the nearby NPCs complaints when breaking their bottles/bowls/glasses;
• Gave the Goblin Maid a special line when retrieving her goggles from the Shady Fixer in Map13;
• The Shady Fixer will give the player a call-out in case they miss her basement shop after the first debriefing with Breaza;
• Marked the map lines of the transport portals in Map13 and Map18 with their respective red/yellow/blue colors;
• Gave Hectus in Map13 and the Dwarf Smith in Map15 special lines if the player attempts to have them fix the Diving Suit with an empty air tank;
• Fixed the issue where the hell powder storage elevator would vanish in a particular script trigger scenario in Map14;
• Made one of Jaromir's dwarves who carries over from Map15 give the player an air tank to refill the Diving Suit in Map18;
• Fixed some bad level geometry at the start of the bridge in Map16;
• Fixed some nodebuilder-glitched pillars bordering Abhaoth's prison vault in Map22;

• Lowered Golem health from 120 to 110;
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2.1.2 Changelog
• Switched the Fire Hammer's unique damage type to "Crushbow" type, allowing the player to benefit from extra class protection and reduce the chance to kill themselves when throwing it up close;

• Made several visual improvements to Map02;
• Fixed the position of a doorway tavern sign in the servant mess hall in Map12;
• Fixed a bug where the Demon Town breach assault could be started right away by using an invisible trigger line in Map13;
• Fixed the journal text displayed when completing the diving suit quest persisting on the screen;
2.1.1 Changelog
• Fixed startup errors for the Linux version;

• Improved Paingun firing sound;
• Slightly increased the Acid Potion damage;
• Slightly increased the Crushbow's Fire Bolt explosion maximum damage radius;

• Fixed a few minor issues of Map01 such as the skulls popping up over terrain in the dream sequence or the player sprite appearing with a ranged weapon in the first mirror;
• Fixed the lowered shelves in the general store of Map02;
• Fixed Crystal Curator dying from falling damage in Map12 (after making her killable in 2.1.0);
• Advisor now gives a Crylance/Force Pike during the first Map13 briefing if the player missed them in Map11;
• Added a shoutout to visit the Shady Fixer if the player misses her location before completing the sleep quest in Map13;
• Added a Spirit Gem in a secret area in Map19 and the option to recharge your Psi Crown at Earth Mother Bendi during the second hub;
• Gave Primarch Erudin in Map20 a special dialogue line if the player attempts to fulfil the betrayal task by killing the Warg;

• Slightly reduced the Iron Urchin's explosion radius and chance to zoom around;
2.1.0 Changelog
• Attempted fix for engine not picking up the proper main monitor on a multi-monitor setup;
• Fixed the issue with gamma and uiscale settings not saving properly;
• Fixed "Restore to defaults" not properly restoring consumable hotkeys;
• Fixed a number of graphical issues caused by brightmaps such as the weird glass reflections in Map09;
• Attempted fix for the crashes caused when exiting the game on Windows 7;
• Fixed the library issues caused by conflicts with the Linux Steam Runtime;

• Acid Potions now deliver their damage over a half second period rather than instantly, better simulating an acid splash effect;
• Enhanced visuals for the pink Toxic Cloud explosion;
• Made the Paingun's muzzle flash bigger and brighter;
• Increased the Hellclaw's projectile damage;
• Significantly increased the Crylance's chance to stagger medium to high tier enemies;
• Fixed Crushbow alt fire using up 2x ammo while shooting underwater;
• Fixed the Greataxe not triggering hit sounds when swinging at a certain angle/range from the target;

• Slightly reduced the chance for Initiates to perform a 3-shot attack;
• Cerberi have brighter orange lights on their backs for better visibility and get staggered slightly longer by Fragfire shots;
• Slightly reduced the damage of the clouds created by the Warlock's Toxic Bolt;
• While submerged, Warlocks now fire 3 Spirit Missiles instead of 6;
• Significantly reduced the direct damage of the Glutton's acid blobs and slightly increased their aoe damage;
• Added dynamic lights to Psi Demons while they attack to better signal their position and reduced their chance to create mirror images when damaged;

• Fixed various typos in the texts/dialogue;
• Fixed a bad music trigger when backtracking after the portal fight in Map05;
• Fixed the Book of Earth not being taken from your inventory in Map06;
• Added a couple of tutorial reminder tips at the start of Map11;
• The Crystal Curator can be killed instead of healed at the start of Map11 as an alternative;
• Fixed a broken extra secret count in Map12;
• Made the large crystal in the museum room explode from any source of damage in Map12;
• Fixed the Psi Crown not being removed from the player's inventory when skipping the first briefing in Map13;
• Attempted fix for the crash that occurs in the cathedral library in Map16;
• Fixed the gate leading up to Yzbeth's mansion not properly blocking movement in Map18;
• Fixed Wounded Bear Warrior not giving the proper reward based on difficulty in Map18;
• Split Map21 into two maps, "Blood Rite" (upper part and ending cinematic) and "Buried" (lower part and boss fight) in order to improve general performance;
• Switched some of the decorative level geometry to a singular 3D model in order to improve performance in the upper part of Map21;
• Fixed the Blue Baron not being killable/not properly entering his boss fight phases when receiving massive damage at once;
• Many other minor improvements and adjustments; Changelog
General patch notes
• Added the Hedon Bloodrite game/campaign which can be selected when starting a new game;

The following apply to both Hedon I and II:
• Overhauled weapon sounds and animations;
• Made certain decorative objects breakable;
• Improved blood and gore;
• Added custom terrain sounds when the player lands on a surface;
• Added dynamic oxygen bar and inventory item selection belt;
• Made various tweaks and improvements to monster and weapons;

• Added minor new features and made various small adjustments to the maps of Hedon I.
1.6.0 Changelog
• Many map, monster and weapon fixes and improvements;
• Updated the old Akhzul soundtrack with a remastered version;
• Added beta versions of the Paingun, Stormstaff and Bracer of the Revenant (can be obtained only in Testing Hub or via the give all/give weapons/give ammo cheat commands);
• Added beta versions of the Iron Division Fixer and Earth Mother. They can only be recruited inside the Testing Hub.
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1.5.1 Hotfix Summary
• Adds a missing library for the Linux version;
• Fixes a bug that causes the text to scale improperly on 4k displays;
• Adds in a missing special animation for Air Kick and a special animation and sound for Slide Kick.
1.5.0 Changelog
The definitive version of Hedon's first episode is here, bringing an extended Map01, and new adjustments and content!

• Updated the hGZDoom engine fork to GZDoom 4.2.1's code;
• Fixed a setting which would cause issues with the game display not working with multiple monitors;

• Zan now has slightly more air control while jumping/moving in the air (on top of the 1.4.0 upgrade);

• Added the Hellclaw •
• Increased the Spike Gun's minimum damage and DPS;
• Increased the Crushbow's Fire Bolt explosion radius by ~15%;
• Greatly buffed the kick and air kick damage (also removed the possibility to gib an enemy with the air kick);
• Removed the physical damage protection component from the Great Axe's thorns buff.

• Increased the pickup radius for health potions and food by 10-30%;

• Added the Hellblaze -
• Significantly reduced the Iron Urchin's explosion damage radius;
• Increased the telegraph time for the Cultist's spike throw;

• New "Frag Death" animation frames for the Cerberus;
• Generalized the "Frag Death" state for every monster (it falls between regular death and extreme death, and is generally caused by the Fragfire Gun, Acid Potion Launcher and Crylance), giving them custom giblet and effect spawns when killed by these weapons.
• The small blood splats now have 4 different sprites instead of one;
• Added large flesh chunks for the Pit Lord and Hellblaze death/gore effects;

• Extended Map01 with a new starting area (and adjusted the tutorial tips to fit to a more diluted learning experience);
• Small extension to Map05, providing a new path approach within the Reaver HQ;
• Added mana potions in various places for lore flavor;
• Various small adjustments for each map;
• All readable items (parchments/tablets/signs) now have brightmaps to help them stand out (especially in the dark or against dark surfaces);

• Replaced certain tracks with their original/extended versions;
• Extended certain shorter tracks and reduced/removed the silence breaks between the loops;

• Lowered the Bearzerk spawn rate of ammo and monster drop replacements by ~50%;
1.4.0 Changelog
The Bearzerk update is finally here, with brand new melee-heavy gameplay content!

• Switched to a GZDoom Engine fork tailored for Hedon - "hGZDoom", which primarily changes the setting menus and removes useless options (although it's an extremely minor fork, I had to change the name of the engine due to GPL regulations);
• Set automap style to overlay+normal by default;
• Added shadowy backgrounds when reading texts for better contrast/readability;

• Zan now has slightly more air control while jumping/moving in the air;

• Four new weapons exclusive to the Bearzerk difficulty:
Hatchet and Shield -
Fire Hammer -
Force Pike -
Great Axe -
On this difficulty the player can carry 3 Axes initially and 5 with the Bag of Holding upgrade;
• Improved graphics and animation for the Fists, and added a kick alt fire;
• Added a "Quick Kick" (default hotkey: Q) that can be used with any weapon;
• Slightly improved all weapon graphics, animations and sound effects;
• Doubled the thrown Axe base damage;
• The player can now carry 3 Axes after getting the Bag of Holding upgrade (5 on Bearzerk);
• Slight increase in area of effect and projectile speed for the Fragfire Gun's Flameshot;
• Crushbow has a slightly slower rate of fire but the primary fire does more damage and has more area of effect;

• Quest Items and Consumables are tagged in the pickup message now;
• Slowed down the depletion of Fixer's Goggles to 1 charge every 2 seconds;
• Potion of Haste now lasts 20sec (from 15);
• Vial of Healing hotkey has been moved to "V" by default (since "Q" is now Quick Kick);

• Minor improvements in pain behavior and damage type resistances for some monsters;
• New blood cloud gore effects;
• Bosses now take extra base damage from all weapons;
• Shadow Abhaoth has new sounds to make her sound less humane and more abyssmal;
• Slightly lowered the Cultist attack rate and the speed of their spike projectiles;
• Iron Urchin hp lowered from 25 to 20; they can also reliably be pushed away and turned into projectiles with melee weapons now;
• Forge Elemental has a slightly lower chance to spawn Urchins instead of attacking;
• Warlocks have a slightly lower chance to cast Toxic Bolt bursts;
• Lancers have a magic pull ability similar to the alt fire of the Force Pike, as well as a lightning spark blast attack for melee range;
• Friendlies now allow allied projectiles to pass through their hitbox (this should fix the issue with them pushing each other accidentally);
• Fixed Sentry Gun crash bug when dropping it by changing weapons;

• Various fixes and adjustments across the levels;
• GPU and CPU optimization for Map10 (especially the boss fight);
• Few new situational dialogues for friendlies;
• Reduced loop silence periods before music starts playing again for certain tracks;

• Added a new difficulty "Bearzerk" which removes access to guns and instead brings new weapons to create a melee-oriented gameplay experience. Monsters have normal strength, but spawns and items is similar to Brutalizing. Regular ammo drops are randomly replaced by health potions or consumables.
1.3.2 Changelog
• Made several adjustments to Map01 to further help the level flow and guide the player visually;
• Re-worked the tutorial tips to make them easier to read;
• Made minor adjustments to Map02 and Map03 to further visually guide the player;
• Added a trick way to skip the cinematic part of Map06;
• Increased the dig radius for the Bag of Holding in Map07;

• Fixed a bug in the Pit Lord Alpha that would break the fight if the player used a Time Shard before his health bar appeared.
1.3.1 Changelog
• Updated the patreon gallery in Map10, and updated all the credits.

• The Fragfire Gun Flameshot now uses a different See and Death sound (it no longer uses the same sound for both).

• Giant Nithriel now has a proper pain state when being hit by an Axe throw.

• Added blood trails to giblet sprites, and reduced the gravity factor of giblets to give them more air time.

• Minor fixes and adjustments for all the maps;
• Added and removed several monsters for the Greenhorn and Brutalizing difficulties.

• Added a complete description to the Brutalizing difficulty in the selection menu.
1.3.0 Changelog
• Updated Patreon supporters in the main menu credits screen.

• Lowered the Spikegun's minimum damage (and subsequently DPS) by approximately 15%;

• Fixed a bug where companions jut forward extremely fast in combat, often dying from collision;
• Companions now move faster after few steps to better keep up with the player's speed;

• Updated some food sprites to make them stand out more;
• Few new sprites for the butcher shop theme;
• Added brightmaps for the Spike Mag, and improved the brightmap for the Boltmag;

• Added a new area and a new secret area in Map01 (they can only be accessed after doing the Moondrop Flower puzzle);
• Extended the dormitory wing of Map03 with few new areas to break up linearity;
• Added a new secret area in Map04 that also allows one extra navigation route between the main areas (it can only be accessed after finding another secret, though);
• Fixed more typos in readables - everything should be correct at this point;
• Various texture alignment and texture replacements.