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Changelog for Patch 1.03 (added 10 September 2019):

Hi everyone!

We were able to fix a lot of things thanks to your feedback. Here's the list:

Bug fixes:
- Default Keyboard and binding
- Token getting stuck after a few reset
- Trophy Collector
- Missing assets for grey tokens
- Faces that appeared in score recap behind hair styles that are supposed to hide the entire face
- Main menu getting stuck with left input on
- Best score display in level selection
- Multiple musics at the same time
- Players getting stuck in a mini-game loop after adding new players during a game
- Post Processing and ratio in mini-games and circus level
- Borderless graphic option
- 5th players could be added during a game
- Keyboard icons in character selection
- Playstation controller icons size
- Typos and missing localized texts
- Various errors appearing in the output log

Standalone installers updated: 11 September 2019:
- Windows: 1.02 ⇒ Patch1.03.
- Mac OS: macOS.1.02 ⇒ PatchMacOS.1.03
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Changelog for Patch 1.04 (added 16 September 2019):

Hello everyone!

Here's a little patch to fix/improve a few things we noticed:

- Improvement: less distance between objects and hand when grabbing something
- Fix: the bug with the token stuck after a few resets still appeared sometimes

Standalone installers updated: 17 September 2019:
- Windows: Patch1.03 ⇒ Patch1.04.
- Mac OS: PatchMacOS.1.03 ⇒ PatchMacOS.1.04.
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Changelog for Patch 1.05 (added 08 October 2019):

Hi everyone!

It's been a while. How have you been ? :-)

As always thank you for your feedback, it is thanks to you that we can improve Heave Ho and give it a long and happy life inside your computers.

Here's the list of bugs fixed:
- Fixed missing achievement Assistance Device
- Fixed a bug in the Basket mini-game where the ball was too close to the wrist when held, causing errors and poor controls

Standalone installers updated: 09 October 2019:
- Windows: Patch1.04 ⇒ Patch1.05.
- Mac: PatchMacOS.1.04 ⇒ PatchMacOS.1.05.
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Changelog for Patch 1.06 (added 23 October 2019):

Hi everyone,

Here's a little patch to fix a bug that appeared in the previous version :

- Fix couldn't grab the egg properly on levels with where the coin was already collected
- Fix coin state and position when returning from a mini-game
- Polish controls when grabbing an item

Standalone installers updated:
- Windows: Patch1.05 ⇒ Patch1.06.
- Mac: PatchMacOS.1.05 ⇒ PatchMacOS.1.06.