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So, I'm playing Hearts of Iron 2, the Abyss scenario, and I'm struggling to figure out how I'm supposed to provide supply for forces on another continent? Yeah, go through the production menu, start a supply convoy, choose an origin port, then a destination port. And that last part is where things kind of fall apart, since the game doesn't seem to allow me to make a new convoy to those areas, presumably because there are theoretically existing convoys servicing them... which don't actually seem to transport anything, or just extremely small amounts of supplies and oil.

And what's really annoying is that random island bases nobody gives a shit about seem to get supplies just fine even though there's no troops there to use them, but sending the supplies a little farther abroad appears to be impossible.

I know the game is old, but I find it hard to believe that nobody's encountered this problem before. Can you help me?
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Hm. I think I'm starting to get some idea of how it works. The reason that the convoys transported only very small amounts of supplies and oil is that there was only the minimum number of ships in the convoy, and if I want them to send larger quantities I have to increase the number of ships in the convoy.

I guess that makes sense. It was probably covered in a tutorial somewhere, but HOI2's tutorials are kind of insufferable so I skipped those. My mistake.