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Recently purchased during the summer sale and I have to say so far I like it a lot. Sierra city builder clone, almost identical to Zeus/Pharaoh/Empire set in a medieval time period. A good amount of depth in the economic model. The UI could use some polish but nothing to worry about, just cleaner would be nice. Anyway, will post more thoughts here along the line, just wanted to get something started.

@TinyE - So I have rounded out the first three campaign scenarios and I havent encountered a non-stop/frequent attack model. I will grant that the scenarios so far are really extended tutorials as you get a ton of cash and what not, zero challenge, just follow along. Anyway, quit your waffling and make the purchase so i have someone to discuss with.

After a little more thought, they may be talking about graveyards and the like pop ups. Occasionally a mob spawner will pop and the monsters will immediately head toward your city unlike Zeus where they would hang around and do nothing unless you got close. Thats the only thing I have seen so far that people might be referring to. As yet, no challenge at all, but that certainly could be bothersome later on.
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Some interesting thoughts on sand-box late game...
So after believing and then trying to love this game I came to a final thought... It just doesnt grab on to me. Everything on the surface says it should, maybe I am a triple A snob but it doesnt have enough polish. The story isnt there at all and there seems to be very little "progression" in the campaign. Its just new reqs after new reqs. Trade is a bit of a jumble, in my mind shouldnt be as esoteric as it is.

After a couple of months i found myself trying to come up with reasons to play and after a while I couldnt find any.
Am I the only one who thinks this game resembles Beasts & Bumpkins?

Strategy game from the '90s.