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Changelog for Patch 1.1.0 (added 18 April 2017):

- Campaign mode!
- There are 12 missions, which help you understand more about how the game works. First few missions are quite easy, last few are rather challenging. First mission picks up (complexity wise) roughly were tutorial ended. As you go through missions, more buildings become available and the overall difficulty increases. Each mission has several steps you need to complete much like the tutorial, but it is not as limiting and they're more like guidelines.
- Campaign is currently English-only. I'll make an update when translations become available.
- Big change: grain, turnips, cotton and apples can now be planted (and therefore harvested) at any point regardless of the month. This means your growers don't have to wait before they can start planting crops. This is not very realistic, but makes the game much smoother. The numbers are still the same: each grower is able to efficiently plant and harvest 24 grain/turnip/cotton plots or apple trees per year.
- The same goes for grapes and hops. As soon as you build grape plots, they start growing.
- City reputation calculation has changed and recovers much faster now.
- Migrants and merchants now have a high chance to evade monster attacks.
- Only one squad at a time can throw a revolt.
- Another big change: overall difficulty has been reworked. There are many small changes all over the place, but in general: very easy became much easier while very hard stayed almost as hard.
- Forester's lodge no longer has to be adjacent to a road to function.
- Blizzard spell used to be very OP. It now functions according to its description.
- Watchmen became better against monsters, but cost coins to train. Two watch towers should be able to deal with one sewer entrance.
- Rivals will no longer attack you if your army is away. Not very realistic, but it used to be annoying.
- Ambient sounds now stop properly when you return to main menu.
- A number of other changes, which I forgot to write down.
- Savefiles from the previous version are compatible with 1.1.0.
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Changelog for patch 1.1.1 / (Windows) / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 16 May 2017):

- This is a quick update focused on either preventing rare launch issues or telling you what's wrong and how to fix it.
- Most problems so far have been related to outdated or wrong graphics card drivers.
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Changelog for update 1.1.2 (added 12 July 2017):

- This is an improvements update with the majority of things suggested and/or pointed out by the community.
- Most languages have been updated to fix some typos and include the campaign mode. Big thanks to Alex for his help with German translation.
- Many typos have been fixed. Thanks to everybody who pointed them out.
- Plague has been tuned down a bit.
- Invasion direction now correctly represents relative locations of your and attacker's cities.
- The radius around invader troops where you can't build anything has been slightly increased.
- Opinion bonus you get from trading with your neighbors has been decreased.
- Immigration rate now depends on the amount of extra room available. The more extra room you have, the more migrants you get.
- 'Auto accept resources' checkbox now also affects tribute.
- Potential tribute now shows in the tooltip.
- Resources your neighbors buy, have, sell or need now show at the world map.
- You can right-click and drag to scroll the map.
- Certain keys can now be rebound. In order to do it you need to edit these entries in the config.txt file:
--- key_left : 30
--- key_right : 32
--- key_up : 17
--- key_down : 31
--- key_screenshot : 60
--- key_zoom_in : 78
--- key_zoom_in_alt : 13
--- key_zoom_out : 74
--- key_zoom_out_alt : 12
--- key_zoom_default : 11
--- key_pause : 25
--- key_speed_up : 27
--- key_speed_down : 26
- The number after the action is the key code. You can find all key codes here:
- More objects (trees for example) are now replaced automatically when you put a building or a road on top of them. Scarecrows now automatically replace farm plots.
- You can now adjust the amount of water on the map in the new game window.
- You can set the maximum number of locations (graveyards, warlock towers, dragon's lairs) or turn them off in the new game window.
- Amount of iron and coal on the tutorial map has been increased.
- Chickens, birds and other animals are a bit quieter.
- Most windows can now be closed with Enter key.
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Changelog for Patch 1.1.3 (added 08 January 2018):

- Russian language added. Used a fan translation by aNNiPAk, Nicodimus, LinXP and kathnox (thank you a lot!), added missing text and a bunch of editing.
- Items that aren't being accepted are now shown in darker font on the stockpile window.
- Tribute values in mission 8 are fixed.
- Extra spaces in Spanish translation are fixed.
- Saturation option in Settings menu lets you change saturation of in-game objects and terrain (reload the game to apply).
- Peaceful (mostly) victory! You can now build a Wonder, which takes a whole bunch of time and resources to complete, but if you manage to hold it for 10 years, you win the game. Neighboring cities become more aggressive while you're building it (unless they are set to Passive), so you need to make sure your defenses are up.
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Patch 1.2.1 (11 February 2020)

- Fixed the problem with keybindings
- Fixed mouse scroll
- Mouse events don't register if game window is not focused
- Game window doesn't minimize when loses focus (useful for two-monitor setup)

And for additional information about v1.2.0, here's the news post on developper's blog (here : ) :

What's new in 1.2.0
July 5th, 2019

This is a technical update with no new content. It's been over 5 years already since the development started and over two years since version 1.0.0 was released, so a lot of stuff needed to be brought up to date with technology. This required rewriting a lot of low-level engine stuff, so hopefully nothing's broken.

Also the game is now 64-bit only and the Mac version requires 10.9+.

I want to say that I plan at least one more update this year, but can't really promise that, since there's a lot of stuff going on at the same time for me right now (which is totally my fault).

Please let me know if there are any problems with the latest build (
Splatsch: ...Also the game is now 64-bit only...
This only applies to the version of Java bundled with the game. It can be made to run on 32-bit Windows platforms by editing the game shortcut to use a 32-bit version of javaw.exe instead.